For the dog who has it all

Tis the season to be Jolly; correct? With the holidays upon us everyone is shopping; just take a trip to the mall and you'll be a believer. It's pretty crazy this time of year and something that I stategizr about; low times is when I hit it. So with your shopping well underway; have you forgot someone? Perhaps not; I've already done my shopping for the pooches; they don't get alot. I make a point of getting each a new toy and they were purchased from TJ MAXX weeks ago. Each will get a toy that resembles an UGG boot; I don't have puppies so I don't need to worry about the mix up between my UGGs and their UGGs. They are very cute toys but the dogs truly don't care what they look like.

But what if the decision was left to the dogs; would our dogs really like for Christmas? Our dogs want more time from us; simple right? Not always. With life spinning out of control at this time of year; finding a few fleeting moments to sit and rest can be difficult enough. Finding time to spend quality moments with the dog can slip through the cracks for many. I understand; I have a busy family but my family is an extended one. One that includes 3 furry members who are very important members at that.

I think now at their old age; their favorite part of the day, other than their outing is couch time. I will forgo many things so that I can have couch time with the dogs. Our couch is something crazy long; like 13' which more than accomodates all three dogs and two humans. Heck there is room for other humans if they like as well.

Do dogs care if they get a new outfit for the Holidays? Nope. What about a new collor or leash? Nope. A new bed? Perhaps. How about a box of organic grain free cookies? No doubt they will love these. A new warm blanket? For sure; as I cover up the oldest furry member, I know she appreciate the extra warmth. But what our dogs love best for Christmas is us, our time. Yes life sometimes makes it difficult to find time; but just make it. The joy you will receive by taking the time with your dog is immeasurable.

Happy Holidays to all and to all a good walk, ride in the car or snuggle.

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