It never rains in Southern California

It never rains in Southern California; but it is today. It doesn't rain here often; infact I can't remember the last time it did rain. So today canine guardians all over the county will be trying to get their dogs out into the rain. This is one of the biggest problems here; believe it or not. Just like the people who live here; the dogs get use to the sunny skies and warm weather. Even my girls who were born and spent their first year in Canada where they were accustom to the frigid temperatures and lots of rain; jam on their breaks at the door when they realize that it's raining outside.

Accidents will be happening all over the county as well and not just on the freeways. I am accustom to getting alot of calls and emails on rainy days. "Sherri; she will not go outside," "Sherri; he messed in the house." Just know Southern California dog people; you are not alone. For many people with young dogs this may be the very first time that they've seen water falling from the sky; be patient.

The solution is an easy one; and like most canine solutions there are many different levels of attack. For myself; I have to go out with the dogs the first trip out. They are sure they can hold it until this horrid weather stops; I'm there to make sure that they don't hold it until they burst inside the house. If you have a dog that has absolute no intention of following you out? Bribe. Use a treat; once out stay very calm acting like water pouring onto your head is not a big deal and ask them to do their business. Once done; reward them, believe me this is much better than cleaning up messes in the house.

The temperature high for my city is suppose to be around 55 with rain; how nice for a change. It's Monday so the dogs have their day off; the furnace will go on, the blankets come out. It's gonna be a great day here in Southern California. ;)

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