Its cold

Wow; it is cold this morning. It is hovering around the 34 mark; and with the bedroom patio door open sleeping was glorious. Of course our bed is piled high with down comforters making it nearly impossible to crawl out in the morning. And having a big buff blonde dude snuggled in next to me messes with your mind. It just seems wrong to get out of bed under these conditions. Sometime in the wee hours of the morning Luke came up; it is very rare that he comes to the top of the bed let alone stay there. He has his usual spot at the bottom left where he typically lays. But for some reason he wanted a snuggle this morning, fine with me.

Jessie is using Luke as her heating pad and pillow and Tilley is wrapped up snug as a bug in a rug under her blanket. Jessie had her normal trembling episode until she had a piece of toast. She does get herself into a tizzy around food. Tilley had her toast delivered so that she didn't have to get out of her covers and Luke; well yes he ate on the pillow.

I have a poodle walk this morning; I always look forward to these if only so that I can watch Luke and the other poodles display such happiness to see their friends. Our walks are always fun; and there is always good conversation. The dogs all love each other which is just the cutest to watch. Tilley is the oldest in the group and the next notch down are three 9 year olds including Luke. After than they get younger and younger; and we even have a new puppy in the group which I will meet today hopefully. She is the color of Luke so I'm sure I will be reduced to mush.

Busy day; time to get out of bed. Have a great one all.

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