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Wow; lots going on yesterday and today. I had to take Tilley to the veterinarian; it was her annual check up plus there were a few specific things I wanted to have the vet look at. She is in great shape for 12.5 but she has lumps. Tilley has always been prone to http://www.petplace.com/dogs/sebaceous-cysts-in-dogs/page1.aspx; and the older she gets the more lumps and bumps she's getting. I never like taking the dogs to the vet; they get pretty upset, in fact Jessie is the only one that doesn't hate the trip.

A couple of months ago I received an herbal collar called a Calming Collar . I was really hoping for a miracle with this collar; but with any product I test I retain my professional skepticism before and during the test. I had been waiting for this vet day to give it a try. I watched Tilley's behavior every few minutes on our trip to Brea. It doesn't normally take but a few minutes for the trembling to start. Tilley get's the tip off when she is loaded into the car and strapped to a seatbelt, a different scenario than a trip to the park.

Once we hit the freeway I moved the rear view mirror so I could easily see her. Nothing; she was calm, in fact it looked like she might be nodding off. The next couple of miles I checked again, nothing. Could it be? Once off the freeway is when it usually starts to really get bad and she did then start to shake. And then when we got into the office she was visible stressed, trembling and shaking. But, I do have to say that she did not zone out like she typically does. So although the collar did not deal with this level of stress it definitely helped with the low level stress. Interesting.

Now, onto to today. I will be visiting the big dog show in Longbeach this afternoon. I'll be bring the big camera to get some great shots of dogs in the ring. I believe this show in indoors which is a good thing as it is raining today and the one thing a camera does not go well with, rain.

Have a great weekend everyone.

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