Evolution of a human

Life in itself is an evolution; animals are in a constant state of change as are we.

Evolution: a process of gradual, peaceful, progressive change or development, as in social or economic structure or institutions.

I want to discuss evolution with regards to the human, canine connection. I know that my evolution with regards to dogs has been a big one. When you speak of the evolution of a human; the emotional change of an existing human it can be vast or non existent. Fifty years ago; the dog was pretty much considered to be "just the dog." There were some people who already considered them to be family members and brought them into their homes with open arms but many canines lived their lives out of the human home.

So where has the dog evolved in your life? Has there been a large scale evolution where you never had a dog and considered those who gushed over their dog to be foolish? But you now find yourself doing the gushing? Were you an outside dog family and now enjoy the companionship of your dog by your side in the comfort of your home? No matter how small the steps I believe each and every step that is positive is an evolution.

I have had many a discussion with other dog people about the mistakes we've made; ah... to err is human right? Right. So we have all made them; myself included and there are things I look back at now and shudder about but if I had not made these mistakes I would not be the person I am today. Each and every dog I have had; has had a hand in my canine evolution. And as I evolve with my dogs so do I evolve as a whole.

When my dogs come to me on their own; rest their head on my lap or lean into my leg to be touched I realized just how important they are and that this whole human/canine connection is pretty darned amazing.

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