What a weekend

Wow; I'm actually glad the weekend is over and I can move on. I had our girl Tilley at the vet for a very small procedure where she was given some pain meds. Well; she had a sensitive reaction to it and was pretty much in a tranquilized state from Sat. morning until well into yesterday afternoon. I have never had a dog in this state and I never want to again. Not only was she out; so was her bladder. After getting her up; I carried her outside and attempted to have her relieve herself. Little did I realize that she had already done so on the bed where she had been resting.

I'm pretty sure after watching her that her urine was just coming out freely and there was no actual peeing involved. So from then we had to monitor very closely; I set up a area for her with garbage bags covered in blankets. There she lay for pretty much the whole day. I made sure she got water into her; spoonful by spoonful I trickled it into her mouth being careful not to pour too much. Then I watered down her food and by angling her bowl exactly perfect she slowly lapped her dinner.

At bedtime we set up the same sort of bed deal as she had spent her day on although we put the xpen around her. She was unable to walk properly so I didn't want her wandering around in the dark alone as she may injure herself. By yesterday afternoon we were seeing a little glimmer that our girl was coming back. She took herself out to pee and started rummaging around the kitchen. She was still very wobbly on her legs and obviously not happy about the situation.

Unfortunately through all this she had made quite a mess of herself. Not wanting to segregate her any longer it was into the shower. We worked fast; I don't think I've ever bathed a dog so quickly. And once she was out both myself and my husband worked at drying her as fast as possible. I used the forced air dryer and he had our warm air dryer as we worked furiously to get her dry, warm and comfy. It wasn't long and she was clean again, happy and content to sleep the rest of it off curled up in mountains of blankets and tucked in all nice and snug.

She seems almost back to normal this morning. We move on after a lost weekend.

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  1. Oh my, what a worry! I'm glad she is doing better.


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