Canine companionship

There is nothing like the companionship of a dog; we all know the joy that they can bring by simply being at our side. But what about companionship for our dogs? Canine companionship? How important is it that our dogs have a canine buddy? Dogs are pack animals and even though we act as pseudo pack members we don't quite make the grade. Sure we can play and be our dogs constant sidekick but we aren't dogs. Just imagine living with a pack of dogs; somewhere isolated. Even the most intraverted type person would probably miss human contact at some point.

It is no secret that I am a big fan of a multiple canine household; but, and this is again a big BUT. There must be desire by the human to have more than one dog. Getting a second dog simply to keep the first one company is not the way to go. You must really want a second, third or fourth dog. I love living with three dogs; I have a wonderful pack that runs as smooth as any naturally assembled pack. I have met many canine guardians who tell me "my dog would hate to share her family with another dog." That may be true; some dogs become so consumed by their undivided attention that adding another can simply be a huge hassle for everyone involved.

Although some dogs may seem to be loner types; it is surprising what adding another dog can do for the only dog. It is extremely important to find the right dog to put with your existing dog; be it a second, third or fourth member. Putting a pack together can be tricky but with a little bit of patience you can find the right one or ones. I love the fact that when I go out; I know that my dogs have the others to chill with. They don't feel as though they have been left alone. And for me; and this is just my opinion, 3 is a great number. Some people find three to be so overwhelming and others don't find three to be enough.

The real issue with having multiple dogs is time and energy. It is very important to give dogs individual time; building a bond with each member of your pack. If you do not take this time then each dog will not thrive to be all the dog that they could otherwise be. Taking each dog out separately and letting them experience life on their own; with you is imperative. It does not need to be done everyday; that would be too much to deal with but at least every couple of weeks. And individual attention within the home is important as well. Taking time to educate each dog; training new behaviors and spending "quality" time builds strong ties.

Multiple dogs can be wonderful; but if you are going to add a second dog simply to keep the first one entertained then think again. Two dogs are more work; which is fine if you really want two or more dogs. You may consider instead; take the time that you will spend feeding, picking up after, grooming and training the second dog and put it on your present dog. Spending more time with the dog you have now may be a better choice. But; if you really want a second or third dog, I say go for it.

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