wet dogs

We have wet dogs for sure today. In all my years here in Southern California I have never seen it rain quite as hard as it was raining several minutes ago. It was coming down so hard with thunder and lightening; something we rarely see here. And the dogs are none to happy about it either. Although sleeping in a rain storm seems to be enjoyed by both dogs and humans; going out in the rain is not a big favorite for many, mine included.

Luke went to the door this morning; rang his bell and waited for me to let him out. The dog door was closed because it had been blowing in with the crazy wind and rain. I heard his bell; and I gave him fair warning "it's pouring out." He looked at me; looked outside and back at me again, as if to say "really?" He quickly changed his mind and decided to further his snooze. I'm lucky; my guys can hold it pretty much until they burst but if you have a puppy, you gotta get them out. And often puppies enjoy playing out in the rain much to your disapproval.

If your dog or dogs are like mine; you may need to go out with them. I simply need to be poured on as well and they are happy to go out. If I stand in the nice dry kitchen; they aren't so willing to go out and be rained on. Many need to go all the way back to kindergarten; treats included. Some dogs will even regress; opting to elimiate in the house where it is not raining. So treats are a must and while your at it; teach them what an umbrella is.

Stay dry

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