My inspiration for this blog came yesterday on my early morning walk with Jessie. As often happens; just seeing others interact with their dog sparks a thought for my blog. All I saw yesterday morning were goldens and yellow labs; this is about a juvenille golden walking with her Mom and Dad. She was at the end of her very long leash doing her business (it was not an extension leash). Once she was done Mom cleaned up the mess and Dad decided to use this time to work on the "come" exercise.

Being that she was on a regular long leash; allowed me to see more of what was going on. I was at quite a distance but watched intently as Dad yanked and pulled on is uncooperative youngster. The man was growing more angry by the minute and yanking harder and harder on the leash; reeling his dog in like a bass. Now if you are a regular reader of my blogs you already know that dogs learn through association. What do you think the association to being yanked on is? Negative.

Humans would get the whole "if you come to me I won't yank on you." But dogs associate the yanking to anger which in turn keeps them away from you. Now had this gentleman started training at home; creating a very positive association to come he could have pulled this out at the park. By lavishing gobbs of affection and really yummy treats for your dog coming to you; you up the chance of it happening again and again.

Hey; put a chocolate truffle in front of me and I'll jump through hoops for ya.


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