So much is said

So much is said between dogs; if you really sit and watch carefully it is quite amazing. Yesterday I was playing with my new camera; of course my dogs were my subject once again. While I was shooting I was also paying very close attention to what Tilley was doing. And to my surprise she picked up a toy, brought it to the grass and started playing with it. Playing was just mouthing the toy but it was playing and she was in a great mood. This started a whole sequence of behavior from everyone. Once Tilley was done with the toy (or not) Luke grabbed it and started tearing around like a crazy dog; which in turn kicked Jessie's "I'm the boss" into gear. The pictures above are a few from the shoot.

First; is Luke proud as a peacock that he has the toy. Then Jessie is about to discipline him for being a fat head. They had a few words (too cute) and then Luke settled to destroy the toy. Once that was all done they all lay on the double lounge. This is Luke's regular spot so he was a bit put out that Tilley was on it; she is rarely on this lounge, not her thing. But once they were all on the lounge together I thought some family portraits were in order. Tilley was tired from her playing; Jessie was freezing, afterall the sun was setting here in SoCal. And Luke was filled with attitude about the whole thing.

What a pack; full of differences and fun.

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