Our lives with dogs

Each morning while out with my dogs I take note of the people walking dogless. The dogless state is such a foreign concept to me that I find myself wondering why people choose to be dogless. I know that some people are not dog lovers; I know as weird as it may seem there are people who just don't get the whole "dog" thing. I know that most of these people would be quickly transformed if they indeed allowed themselves to really get to know a dog. I simply can't imagine being dogless myself.

I never want to be one of those people out walking alone; dogless. When I walk with my dogs I think alot; my thoughts wander from human to canine issues and are filled with the canine/human connection. Our lives are meshed tightly; at least in this home. The mere thought of looking down while in my comfy chair and not seeing a sleeping dog at my feet is a sad thought indeed. Or scootching over to make room for one more dog on the couch. While puttering in the garden; I always have an entourage with me, some help others are happy to be part of the audience. And the constant sense that there is always someone around; someone watching your every move and action, I love that.

I have found that when I am out dogless; that I am constantly thinking "Luke would love this, or Jessie would hate that." Experiencing new places is much more fun with a dog; dogs tend to enhance the world around us, granting us a much larger picture of life itself. The world is a much larger place with dogs; they make us take the time to stop and notice the weird tree in the park that they pee on each time we are there. We notice what they notice; that is if you are paying attention. Do you take the time to notice the line of ants crawling across your yard? Luke does; and because he does, I do.

Watching Tilley chasing shadows makes me much more aware of each shadow cast by the tiniest of creatures; they never go unnoticed by her. And because of her; even when she is not with me I notice the shadows. Witnessing my dogs interact with other dogs is another great joy of living with dogs. Each new acquaintance is met with gusto; and the intricate pieces that each meeting brings to it is large in a dogs life. Even when a dog is not interacting with us they are enriching our lives. Often I am simply in attendance as my dogs enjoy their life; laying closely together all snuggled down they take great comfort in each other. This simple act can be so calming to the spectator, how can this not be a part of our life?

I love the sound of Tilley snoring in the night; Jessie digging up her bed until it is just right. And the sound of Luke as he is in full chase of whatever he is chasing in his dreams; all of this is a huge part of the amazing life with dogs. And I love it.

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