I'm back at it; shooting dogs. My focus (pardon the pun) is now standard poodles; yes that is my focus alot of the time being that I live with standards but now I'm looking for others. I am well into my book and want to finish it up in the next couple of months so I will be out and about. Typically when I do canine shoots for books or magazines they are set up; we have a predetermined appointment both date and time but every so often I'm out driving or walking and I see a shoot before me. If I'm lucky I have my camera; introducing myself I give my quick schpeel and I'm shooting.

Over the years of shooting I have only ever been turned down once. The woman looked at me like I was a criminal; and after that one time I wondered what she thought was going to happen. What could be the worst thing about someone taking your dogs picture? I've been approached many times about having my own dogs photos taken; I always oblige, I'm a proud Mom. I was even approached by a pro photographer at Salt creek where he was doing someones modeling portfolio. The model took the dogs and tried to make them his own; although both dogs looked at me like "what gives?" Both poodles were in full coat and the wind was strong that day; I know the shots would have been amazing.

And over the years of canine shoots I have also been stood up for a shoot. It was for my Dogs in the OC shoot; and luckily I had set up several back to back so I hadn't travelled the distance for nothing. And I'm sure that person now regrets not meeting me on that day. All in all shooting canines is great; it is alot of work if you want to get a great shot. For me a great shot includes a wonderful expression; not always easy to get. A great expression comes from a happy, relaxed dog. I have seen photos of dogs who had a stressed face; but many don't notice that. Being that I specialize in canine behavior I can't miss it. So along with my shooting skills I use my canine behavior skills to get the shot.

So many dogs, so little time.

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