Tuesday morning update

No improvement as of this morning at 7:00 am. My husband did the honors of carrying Tilley out this morning; my back is feeling the effects of carrying her around yesterday. It is amazing how heavy a 45 lb dog is at a dead weight. When I reach down to pick her up there is no assistance from her; I have to get my hands underneath her body and hoist her to a more upright position first. Then with my legs bent I cradle her into my arms and rise to a standing position. From there I adjust her positioning so that I can see and she is comfortable; thank goodness I've been working out.

Tilley is confused; I can see it in her body language and this is one of the saddest parts of this horrible disease. Most of the time she is on her feet I am cheering her on; the dreaded thing that I don't want is her to think that I'm doing this in some way to her. Dogs are such emotional creatures; I wish I could explain what has happened to her as she looks over her shoulder in attempts to solve this mysterious body snatching puzzle.

She is still on Meclizine which has helped with her nauseas. I syringed water into her again this morning as she will not drink. She is not a big drinker to start with so I must constantly get water into her so that she does not become dehydrated. I offered her a piece of cheese this morning that she shakily ate; but only if I broke it into very small pieces. She was not interested in her dinner lastnight so again I watered down organic baby food and got it syringed into her; she actually likes that and was licking the syringe.

She had a full sleep last night as did we; much needed for all. So today will be a better one and we we'll get after it. For now Tilley is being contained in an expen if I am not sitting watching her every move. She can move about and could seriously injure herself by a simple fall; picture a newborn deer trying to get to their feet. That is what Tilley looks like now; but hopefully not for long.

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