What a difference a day makes

When something suddenly happens to one of our dogs we go through many different emotions. Yesterday I was still in a state of "what the hell?" How could this happen? Why would this happen? And after reading and researching for hours I came up with my answer; why not? I watched many other dogs staggering around on Youtube; stricten with the same thing that Tilley is suffering from. So as life goes; it just happens but it has left me with such a sense of "what a difference a day makes." The first image from above was taken in October at the Montage. It shows Tilley sowing her oats; having a blast, simply enjoying the day.

The second was taken on Sunday having fun in the surf with her Dad; meer hours before this. This disease that has her bedridden and afraid to take a step in any direction. Today I'm mad; mad for the simple fact that my healthy girl had nearly made it to 13 looking and feeling pretty darn great. I was thinking today that no matter how hard we try; we take healthy for granted. It's true; I try very hard not to take anything for granted but my dogs all being healthy was a given for me. Sure we've had our little bumps along the way and perhaps this will be another bump.

But I can't help but think as I watch Tilley stumble around that this is just not fair. But then again life is not always fair is it?

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