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Good Friday morning; here I am still in bed watching an amazing sunrise with my three in the bed. This is one of my favorite things; dogs in the bed, hot cup of coffee in hand and blogging. I know that this peaceful time is one of their favorite things as well. It is easy to tell by the lack of movement or signs of impending movement. This made me think about what dogs really love to do. Most dogs love to just chill with their person; some need to be pretty much on top of you while others are happy as long as you are in the same room or visible. So no matter what you are doing; most are happy to do it along with you.

Yesterday I was plucking dandelions from my lawn; the dogs love it when I work outside. Tilley was enjoying the sun; rolling around on the grass and collecting enough of the dead winter grass in her coat to look a complete wreck. Jessie can almost always be found on the patio; soaking up the sun on both sides. The heat coming from the concrete is much like those hot rocks they put on you at the fancy spas I would imagine. And no doubt if feels very soothing on her old little body. Luke is my gardening assistant and as usual; what I'm doing he wants to do. "Ah; we are digging today?" I caught him just in time; watching closely for the first dig attempt I shout out "stop." As much as I love having an assistant I don't want my yard dug up by his power shoveling paws. He has to be satisfied with simply sniffing the newly turned dirt.

Being pack animals; dogs love to hang with the pack. How excited do your dogs get when they realize that they are going to accompany you in the car? They don't care where you are going; they are ecstatic to be along for the ride. Dogs love to go out with us so much that many become crazed over the mere mention of a leash. Leash crazies is probably one of the most common problems that I've had to deal with as a trainer. Desensitizing the leash is actually quite easy and worth the effort. But if by chance they can't accompany you on your trip; then you are greeted with open arms on your return. Dogs love to be with us. But they love other things as well; they love retrieving, running, pulling, digging, chewing and exploring. The list goes on and on.

Tilley was an obsessive retriever; she loved nothing more than to chase. So much so that it turned into a very big problem. With training work her obsession was turned to balls and then the frisbee; making her an amazing frisbee dog. Jessie loves to dig; being a terrier she was bred to go to ground and get the critters. Throughout the years I have pulled her out of several holes; good thing she has a tail. We often head down to the open canyon where she is in digging heaven; critter holes abound. You can see the pure joy on her face when she is in full dig.

Luke loves a lot of things; he is a funny guy about many of these things as well. His absolute favorite thing in life is the after dinner family room time. Yes as odd as it seems; it is a time and the association in time that he cannot live without. Immediately after he eats he heads down to the family room. He does not want to be down there alone; he wants everyone down there. If I head up to the computer instead; he will stand staring at me. He runs to the door and then comes back again; this continues until I finally go with him. He keeps a close eye on me making sure that I am still coming as he frantically runs to the family room. Once I set foot into the room he spins with happiness; circles and lays down with a huge sigh of relief. Why does Luke love this room and this time of day so much? It has an association; one that means we are all together, resting as a pack, stationary for a good amount of time. Luke is an extreme follower so this means that he can just chill for a while with his peeps.

When I see a dog indulging in something that makes them so happy; whether that is playing with pals at the park, soaking up the sun, destroying a stick or whatever I cannot help but smile. It feels good to give back; dogs give us so much, making them happy is the least we can do.

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