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Your dog; you know them like the back of your hand right? Well not everyone does; I've often been asked when I tell a certain story to others "how did you know what they wanted?" Or "how did you know they wanted something?" I watch; I watch very closely, and I'm always writing about watching your dogs, correct? Dogs use mostly body language to communicate; and typically if that is not enough, then they get into the vocal communications. Although some dogs and breeds are much more apt to use vocalizations more quickly; the husky breeds are notorious talkers.

People who have dogs that live outside? No; they will never know their dog, never know the amazingly wonderful personality that they could if they actually "lived" with their dog. Once you've gotten to know a dog; I mean really connected, the kind of connection that gives you that very exclusive insight to your dog, you can never go back. It can be achieved in an instant; perhaps one day you have an ahha moment as Oprah would say. Or it can simply sneak up on you when you aren't paying attention; a slow culmination over months and years until one day you realize just how connected you really are.

Luke had a strange behavior the other night; one that I've just put in the "he's a nervous kind of guy drawer." My husband was going for a quick errand and I said "take Luke." So he called Luke and off they went; in a moment they were back, Luke was visually stressed. He ran downstairs to where I was; made 12 or so circles and lay down. He apparently had jumped into the car; then immediately darted out like a madman and when asked to come back became unglued. He ran to the front door and barked like crazy. This was very strange indeed; he loves going for outings with Dad. But on this night it was very windy; something that causes slamming doors and something that Luke hates. The more my husband pressed to come back the more he got stressed; until he simply needed Mom.

After my husband got home I put the pieces together. He is an extremely complex dog but I know him well. I figured it all out and shook my head; what a nervous ninny. It is so important to really know your dog; it can be the difference between helping your dog to overcome issues and not. Luke has a lot of issues but we've done amazingly well with them and he is a one in a million dog. I will often be heard saying "what is she/he doing?" The smallest changes in any of my dogs behavior always has be pondering. What's going on in that head?

But remember; as important as it is to watch your dog and get to know their every subtle behavior, they too are watching you. So even when you don't realize it; you are molding your dog, assisting in the creation of one of the worlds most amazing things. The canine/human connection.

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