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Three dogs in this image are wearing the Easy Walk Harness.

Good Monday morning; I thought I'd talk about some of the dog things that I like today. If you have recently been looking for something cute, useful or specific you've found that there is so much dog "stuff" out there it is mind boggling. So what is the good stuff? Hard to tell until you try it of course and then most of the "stuff" ends up either in a bin in the garage or the garbage. I love trying new dog items but I give them a big once over first. Much of what is available today is really useless.

The three categories of dog stuff are as follows:

Essentials; things you need to have when you have dogs. So the essentials are a leash, an attachments device like collar or harness. You need a bowl for food and water, a bed or two, toys, crate.

Wants: things you like and make living with dogs easier or more enjoyable. Some desirable items that make life easier with dogs are baby gates, xpens, grooming table, extension leash, a coat for warmth. My guys only wear one when they first get shaved at night and even then they hate it. These are the things that you could live without but having them sure improves life with dogs. I found a great water bowl recently and I love it; could I live without it? Yes. But it is great to bring on walks; Luke is a big drinker and I can throw it in the dishwasher after he is finished sliming it up. I also have bowls that I LOVE. The stainless piece comes out and can go in the dishwasher as well as the non slip holding container. It is less bulky than alot of the other bowls I've had making it easier to fit into the dishwasher after every meal.

People things: things designed for dogs but markets solely to the humans who love them. Ah; these are the things we truly buy for us. We think we are buying the items for our dogs but we aren't. A wardrobe; a different little outfit for each day, special fragrances for our dog, treats made to look like little bones or crowns. Jewelry for dogs? Hmmmmmm.

My favorites:

Harness: The Easy Walk Harness

Leash: cotton web 6' and up

Bowls; are the ones mentioned above

I have to admit I love dog stuff; but I do tend to go for the most useful things that will enhance my life with dogs. I like the company that focuses on durability as well. I'm not much into the accessory type things for dogs; if I want accessories I get them for me and save the very coolest dog stuff for my dogs.

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