Nice little Saturday

What a nice day; the sun was shining and the birds were loud, it is surely spring here in the OC. My husband went off early with Luke; he has been downgraded from a runner to a walker now. At 9.5 he is showing signs of age already so a nice long walk and short time off leash is what his weekends now consist of. They use to consist of 3-5 mile runs with Dad Sat and Sun. Sad when we have to make that call; for their own good.

But we had a great time together; I met my husband with the girls later at the park. We did our snail pace walk and some micro fetching for Tilley. Being that she was an amazing frisbee dog; seeing her still enjoying a good retrieve is fantastic. Even if it is only a few feet away. Jessie got her power sniffing in; if it was up to her it would take us several hours to make it a 1/4 mile around the park. But being that sniffing is so important; she gets her fill.

We spent a good amount of time in the yard today. Jessie slept sound in the house while Tilley and Luke were my audience. As I planted they watch and Luke followed; he is my constant assistant. They normally sleep during the day so tonight they are crashed; completely. They had a smidge of frozen yogurt before finding the perfect spot to curl up and start dreaming. A great day enjoyed by all.

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