I have a finely tuned dogdar; no matter where I go, no dog goes unnoticed. When I'm driving my peripheral vision informs me of any canine presence. A speck in the distance; is quickly recognized, categorized and information stored. If I happen to be away on a trip; meaning without the daily contact of my own dogs then the dogs at large become more than just a visual. I have to touch at least one dog a day; I can't imagine not touching a dog a day.

Traveling around; all dogs. Small, large, purebred, mixes and then I notice the connection, the canine human connection. Often it is a fleeting thought process; being that many of my canine sightings are but an instant in time. I remember driving down the freeway a while back; I was headed to San Diego when I noticed a big brindle pitbull head sticking out a window catching the whoooshing air in his face. I passed them but kept (safely) watching the dog enjoying himself. He was sitting on the passengers lap; he was by no means a small dog(never, ever have your dog on your lap, it is very unsafe). But as much as the dog was enjoying the wind in his hair; the passenger seemed to be enjoying the dog enjoying himself as much. My lane started to slow and the pitbull vehicle pulled along my left side to pass; they honked their horn and the passenger gave me a thumbs up as they passed. The man waved at me; and I realized he'd read the back of my SUV I smiled and thought; this is like being in a private club, the dog lovers club.

But isn't it true; you tend to gravitate to others like yourself. Because my world revolves vastly around dogs it is very difficult to stay away from the subject for very long. Yes; I can talk about other things but it's not nearly as much fun. So finding others who enjoy talking dogs as much as I do is great. Although even better is watching dogs; I love to watch them interact with other dogs and with humans. Who needs television when you have real life (reality) unfolding to watch.

Much of my inspiration for writing comes from watching; watching people and dogs interacting. Who knows you might just be my next inspiration when caught in my dogdar.

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