Ya gotta laugh

I'm still laughing; lastnight while watching Dancing with the Stars my son was complaining about the smell. With three old dogs someone is usually farting up a storm, smelling up the place. It's something you just get use to. So after the show I rounded everyone up; got them out and then we were off to bed. Just as I was about to get into bed I heard the yell "MOM!!!!" There was a bunch of other stuff said which I couldn't make out and then again "MOM." So I ran downstairs.

There was my son hunched over the coffee table with one foot held in the air. "Tilley crapped on the floor and I stepped in it." I started to laugh and I'm still laughing. He had no idea what to do with this log that was stuck to the bottom of his foot. So after my initial fit of laughter I went and got some toilet paper (appropriate) and cleaned off his foot. Tilley had obviously gone outside and come back in with a cling on. She didn't actually take a dump in the house; it was a freeloader when she came in after thinking she had done her business outside. Dogs sure can make you laugh; cry, scream and gag.

We've had many incidents like this at our house; often vomit is the cause. I happen to have a very strong stomach; nothing bothers me, I just clean it up. But if someone else has happened upon a mess before me; it can make for a really great laugh. Having my husband get out of bed and step barefoot into a cold pile of vomit; can result in a very sore stomach for me. I just can't stop once I start laughing and listening to the gagging just adds more fuel for laughter. Dogs sure can make you laugh.

How about being the landing pad for a projectile vomit. I will never forget the day my husband and I sat watching Fear Factor years ago. The contestants were to drink a concoction of something completely disgusting; we sat watching, not believing that these people were actually going to do this when WHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOSH. A flood of vomit washed over my husband; it played out in slow motion. Luke had been sitting right beside him and it could not have been timed better. There was no heaving; nothing to warn of the imminent horrific event that my husband was about to be a part of. You know it; I started laughing and couldn't stop but I have to admit it was one of the strangest things ever. It was Luke had been watching the show.

As the main caregiver to the dogs; I just get'r done. Whether it is poop, pee, eye goobs or whatever, it get's cleaned up, clipped off, removed or sprayed. Seeing someone else who does not deal with these things well; is simply hilarious, to me anyway. Perhaps because it is such a nothing to me; seeing adults freak out and reduced to a gagging mess at such small but gross things is amusing. Even some of the bad things about living with dogs aren't really that bad; infact they can brighten a day. It's the small things in life; eh? Afterall it all washes off. ;)

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  1. I am surprised with your response. If I was in your place I may get mad on my puppy.


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