Fussy, fussy, fussy

What do you do when you have a dog that just won't eat? I've never had a dog like this before and I hope to never have one again; one with this fussy food issue. I think that over the last 9.5 years I've only lost it twice; over the food issue that is. And losing it means whapping myself in the the head and saying a few choice words under my breath. It is tough when you spend time making something that you think that he'll love only to have him come in; look at the food and leave. "Oh no you don't, get back in here and eat." Unfortunately forcing doesn't work; especially with a boy as sensitive as this.

So he is catered to; that's right I said it, he is spoiled. But then again who doesn't like to be waited on? Who doesn't like having a warm apple fritter and a keg of coffee delivered to you in bed on a rainy Sunday morning? I sure do. Back to Luke; he is on a weight gain diet, must be nice. I am trying to put just a few pounds on his skinny little body in the event that something should happen and he wouldn't eat for a couple of days. This alone could be very dangerous with such a lean guy.

There are things that Luke loves; but even when he loves them he does not eat with gusto. He is a dainty eater; don't even try offer him a large sized piece of anything, he'll just drop it on the floor for our Jack Russell (piranha) to devour. He likes small pieces; and then and only then will he even think about he eating a more substantial sized piece of food. For a week he has been on an eating role; very nice indeed. And amazingly enough he already put on a pound or two.

He is simply not normal; even my son can often be heard saying "what kind of dog doesn't eat meat?" This after offering Luke a piece of chicken or steak. Nope; he has to be in the mood and when he is, I keep the ball rolling. If he is in a mood to eat then eat is what we do; it is a very small window that I take full advantage of.

One of Luke's favorite foods is buttered toast; just like his Mom ;) So in the morning when I get breakfast and bring it up to bed I make extra. This morning I made two pieces of toast just for the dogs. Is buttered toast the best thing for him to be eating? No. Is warm apple fritters the best thing that I could be eating? No. But some things are just good for your soul; and if Luke loves buttered toast, buttered toast it is. And luckily buttered toast will put on the pounds. We eat organic whole grain bread so it's not so bad; much better than an apple fritter. ;)

In a perfect world Luke would eat like his house siblings; the girls here chow down anything you put in front of them. Jessie of course will eat just about anything at lightening speed and Tilley is the same but slower; choosing to enjoy her food a tad. So you do what you have to; I never thought I'd be down on the my knees trying to conjure up something that I can say to get my dog to eat, but alas here I am.

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  1. Hi Sherri,
    Life with such a fussy eater sure can be a challenge. I have 3 Jack Russells and one of them is slightly fussy, plus she has pancreatitis and hypothyroidism. So just finding foods and treats that she likes is not an option, because what she likes may not be good for her. I started baking healthy organic treats for my dogs years ago to get Maddie eating right. About a year ago I started selling them. There are 10 different biscuits, all organic, all corn free, and 8 of them are also wheat free! Check out our website, maybe we have something Luke would like! http://www.3jacksdogbakery.com

    Jean & The Jacks
    Three Jacks Dog Bakery, LLC


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