Compassion: a feeling of deep sympathy and sorrow for another who is stricken by misfortune, accompanied by a strong desire to alleviate the suffering. So what happens when this is at a low level or missing in a human? The complete lack of compassion is a scary thing; but as in most human emotions there are degrees of compassions, levels so to speak.

Because this is a dog blog I am speaking about compassion with regards to dogs or animals in general. When you read an article that deals with a lack of compassion in another human it often triggers another emotion; anger. The human is indeed a complicated concoction of emotions which in its complete form is not always a great recipe. The concern for animal rights are growing; with the help of many great groups. Abuse on animals are no longer going unnoticed and unpunished. Do we really want people who would purposely injure and cause pain to an animal wandering around in society; I think not. There are many cases of animal abuse being a prerequisite to human abuse. This article lists a few (not for children).

Many states are now making animal abuse crimes a Felony. Its about time. Of course this is a slow process and a difficult one. There are many people in charge who do not think that an abuse inflicted on an animal should be punishable by prison time. In my opinion; anyone caught abusing an animal is someone we need off the streets and out of the general public.

This link will bring you to an Animal abuse statutes across the US.

We need to put more emphasis on compassion; as well as punish the abusers. There needs to be strict rules and regulations implemented on breeding dogs. Some of the millers are the worst offenders with regards to abuse. And justice needs to be dealt to those who abuse and hold no compassion for animals.

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