Tilley is 13 today

It is Tilley's birthday today; this is a big one. She is 13 on the 13th so it is suppose to be her lucky birthday and 13 is my lucky number so it should be an extra special day. I do have something very cool happening other than her birthday; but more on that in a later blog. So today's blog is about Tilley and fitting that it is #1001 blog at that. The first thing I want to do is to thank Tilley's breeder; Glenna Mae of Kalchan poodles.

I first saw Tilley when she was three weeks old; I didn't actually see her as an individual but saw the mass of poodle puppies as I peeked through a doorway. On that day I did meet Grandma, Sister, Aunt and Uncle, all of who I was very impressed with. So after my first visit; I returned home to wait the 5 weeks until I could return to choose my gal out of the pile I'd seen. I had pick of litter; nice.

When I returned three weeks later they sure had changed; there were little black puppies running everywhere. With Glenna Mae's assistance; Tilley was chosen to come home with me and as they say the rest is history. Tilley has been the most amazing dog anyone could ever have. She is what I often refer to her as "Lassie in poodle clothing." Perhaps now she has actually surpassed Lassie and should be only known as Tilley. She truly is a celebrity all on her own; or at least she should be.

The only issue that Tilley has ever had is her drive; it's off the charts. And because of this she became an amazing frisbee dog appearing on Pet Star twice. Over all the years of my dog training Tilley accompanied me often as a neutral influence. Often dogs with fear or aggressive issues were helped along with her presence. She has been and is an amazing companion; loving, devoted and the ultimate Miss Manners. Her bond with my son is one of the most intense I've seen; each sharing immense love for one another. They grew up together; Tilley joined our family when my son was a young 7 year old and they have been inseparable since that day.

This is a big day to celebrate; with Tilley's recent Vestibular issue we could not be happier that it was but a hickup in her wonderful life. As we celebrate today we will look back over the 13 years spent with such an amazing dog who has influenced and enriched our lives to a degree that words do our relationship justice. So here's to the girl; Tilley.

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  1. Happy birthday, Tilley! What a wonderful life you have had, with a great mom. I hope my babies are around as long. I hope you have a wonderful celebration today!!

    Janice, Kiko & Josie


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