From my pack to yours.

I don't believe it; I really don't, this is my 1000th blog. That's a whole whack of writing if you think about it. My very first blog was almost three years ago in June 2007. At that time I had no idea that I'd love it; thinking only that I'd give this blogging thing a try. And here I am still loving it and very much as passionate about the dogs that I write about.

I thought long and hard yesterday about what this 1000th blog should be about; I got lots of good ideas. But then my daughter offered that maybe I should write about some of my favorite blogs and what I've learned over the years of blogging. I thought that was the most fitting for the 1000th. So this 1000th blog will be a bit of reminising; a bit of what drives me to blog and what I've learned in the time it has taken to write 999 blogs. I have alot to say; I guess that's why you start a blog, correct?

Sharing knowledge has always been something I've felt very strongly about. When I find out something new, an interesting fact, have a new experience I like to share it. So blogging helps me to do that. Obviously the subject of dogs is what makes me tick; always has been. I love researching dogs; whether the subject has to do with genetics, a new twist on training, discovering the ins and outs of behavior, nutritional facts or new activities for dogs, I'm in. If one person reads my blog; learns something new about life with dogs, then I've achieved what I set out to do.

I regularly hear; "you have the greatest job." And yes I have to agree; my day job allows me to chill with dogs. From modifying behavior as a trainer, writing about dogs to capturing the their individuality through photography I am always watching dogs, heck I watch dogs when I'm not working. And if you are a loyal reader you know how much emphasis I put on watching your own dog and the body language they display in attempts to communicate. Canine behavior is fascinating and how humans react to it can make all the difference in the world; as in this past blog.

The world of dogs is ever changing; positive training is becoming more in the forefront; although we have taken a step back with the popularity of the conventional trainer on television. Hopefully we will get back on the positive train soon and move on to bigger and better things with regards to modifying dogs through positive techniques. More compassion is being shown the species in general with rescue groups popping up everywhere and more emphasis being put on saving dogs. A subject that use to be taboo is now out there for all to know about; Puppy Mills and the real hard facts. No one can honestly say at this point; that they didn't know about the whole Puppy Mill thing. I would hope now; after all the shows on tv exposing these places to not see people frequenting the petstores that have puppies for sale; but there are still people in there and still buying dogs. This is a subject that I will continue to put out there.

And you; the readers, I love getting feedback I'm a feedback nut. As my husband always says "feedback is a gift." This is so true; it may not be a gift that is always desirable but it gives so much. When I receive feedback on a blog it lets me know what you the readers are thinking; what you want to hear or just that what I'm writing seems to have touched a nerve. In the almost 3 years that I have been writing this blog I have only had one very negative response. That was a gentleman who wanted to remain anonymous (typical) and attack my positive approach to training. He was rude and offensive; but instead of letting it bother me it simply fueled me to keep on going.

Through all of these blogs I have met some amazing people and learned that there are so many huge dog lovers in this world of ours. The love and compassion that humans feel towards dogs truly brings everyone together with a similar purpose. And through the amazing world of the web we are all like one huge dog loving family. Information is passed quickly around the dog world; spreading news and information for all.

I try to write what I know; sharing the good and the bad. Not all of my blogs are happy and many days I write through the tears; this so that we can all learn the depth and dedication of a canine. With so little they give us so much; in so many ways. But we are all learning; and learning is a win win for all involved. Many of my blogs are intense in nature; in order to drive a message home I cut to the chase, the tough love type writings. In sharp contrast are the simple love of dogs blogs; sightings of "the raw connection."

I want to thank you all for hanging with me and talking dogs. I will hopefully be writing for a longtime to come; it brings me much happiness. So I raise my virtual glass of champagne to all the dogs; the dogs in our past, present and future. And to all of the humans who love them and work selflessly to make a better life for our dogs. With the passing of each dog that has touched our life; we learn and we grow making life an evolution of oneself; are you evolving into the person your dog thinks you are?


  1. Congratulations Sher! Thanks for sharing your insights & canine wisdom.
    Your excellent photography makes your blog that much more special. I raise my virtual glass right back at you!


  2. Thanks Theresa; you're so kind. ;)


Love to hear from you.