We all have them; both good and bad, memories.

Memory - a mental impression retained; a recollection.

Of course I'm talking about our memories of dogs; left from the ones who have touched our lives. As we go through our day in and day out; there are moments that for some reason or other are left with us while others seem to slip away, gone and forgotten in time. Often memories are of a fleeting moment; nothing monumental but for reasons unknown to us we often think of them.

Just the other day I had the good fortune of shooting a dog thoroughly enjoying a game of frisbee. After we wrapped up and headed for home I could not stop thinking of Tilley in her prime; she was amazing and loved nothing more than flying through the air after her disc quarry. This lead me to thinking about Tilley now and how much she loves to chase down her ball; her tail wagging in delight as she finally connects. A lifetime offers a never ending wealth of memories; each day and experience is a possible future memory.

As time passes many memories fade but the strong ones remain; waiting to be called upon. It can be a simple event; a smell or perhaps seeing another dog that reminds us of our dog now gone that stirs an old memory. Just writing this reminds me of the small toy poodle I had as a child; Strawberry was his name (I know). He was my first and only dog while I lived at home and I have many memories of him. I remember fighting with my four brothers and sisters over who was going to walk the new dog. Who was going to be allowed to feed him or brush him? I clearly remember waking up on Saturday mornings; I must have been around 12 years old at the time, I would find Strawberry and put him inside my bathrobe and zip him in snug. We would sit and watch cartoons together; this was our special time, we both loved it.

Yesterday my husband and I discussed Jessie's 14th birthday which will be on the 26th we went down memory lane. Remember when we got her? Remembering is often wonderful; sometimes sad and then again a memory can be a catalyst to change. Memories are a funny thing; sometimes we have the most difficult time remembering and yet other times a memory comes at just the most perfect time.

When I consider the human and canine connection I often bring up old memories to help in my directional path; these memories have the most impact, my fuel you could say. Whether memories are recent or from the past long ago; they are all bunched into the big filing cabinet labeled memories tucked away in our gray matter. Some memories can be pulled upon when needed; others may only be seen when it is tweaked by an external stimulus. And sometimes a good memory is all we need to keep a dog in our heart. No dog is ever gone when they have left us with memories.

So much to remember and much more in store. A dog's memories; in future blog.

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