Nice weekend so far

We had a great day yesterday; first thing Luke went out with Dad for a canyon run. Its been a while since they went down there and they had a blast. After I finished blogging I took the girls out to one of our favorite parks. Tilley is doing amazing and although she is not a fan of going for a leash walk; once her leash is off and her ball is out she is a transformed girl. Her whole body is up; ears, tail, everything as she waits for me to toss her ball. The ball has to stay on the ground now because she can't catch it but she tries ending up just hurting herself in the process. Even Jessie got in on the act yesterday and as Tilley went after her ball Jessie went after Tilley, fun.

Then it was home where the girls reconnected with Luke after his big walk. They did some sun soaking in the yard and then it was breakfast time. They had Stella and Chewys freeze dried raw for breakie. I didn't rehydrate it; instead I broke it up and tossed it around the yard to peak their drive, Luke loves this form of eating. He always eats best when there is a game involved.

Once everyone was fed it was snooze time; they slept soundly until mid afternoon when it was bone time. Out came the leg bones and there was once again three happy dogs. They chewed for 2 hours as I read magazines and gardened. After they had chewed for about an hour; I did the bone trade which everyone loves "a new bone to chew." At the very end of the chew I was watching Luke try to get the marrow out of his bone; I didn't notice Jessie tip toeing closely. In one big bluster I was made well aware of her sneakiness as Luke let her know she was not getting his bone.

For dinner they had a home cooked meal; beef, sweet potato, arugula and cranberries. Then it was down to the family room for some much needed chill'n time and a movie, nice.


  1. "Leg bone" I see is what you give the kids, is that cow femur? or any weight bearing bone of a large mammal? Those are made to withstand a thousand pounds or more and aren't good for our kids teeth, they can chip, crack, or even break (as with mine) while chewing on these bones!

  2. I give them all sorts of bones. Todays was femurs; I also give ribs and others but they must be raw. RAW IS THE IMPORTANT PART. That way they are grinding the bone and it doesn't chip. Never had a problem with my guys and bones. I actually found the rib bones to be harder and they didn't get as much grinding done.


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