Times are changing

Change is good; even sometimes when it doesn't feel good it can be a good thing. As canine guardians we are all faced with decisions we may not want to make. As our dogs near the end of their life; we are often forced to reconcile the end. In the wild our dogs would die a much earlier death; being debilitated they would naturally slip away. But being in our home and cared for around the clock; a dog can live a much longer and happier time. Although there still comes a time when we must let them go; this is simply a reality.

I often wish that when it is my own dog's time that they could peacefully go in their sleep. Laying on their favorite bed; relaxed, comfy and happy. Don't we all wish that for our loved ones when it is their time? But unfortunately we guardians often need to make the decision; when a dog is no longer happy, no longer wanting to go on. It is this time that we must as their guardian make the decision that none of us want to make.

There is a change coming for this time and I am hoping that it snowballs. Doctors like this one from Lap of Love come to your home and in a calm and familiar surrounding; let your dog peacefully rest. I have a very good friend who is a veterinarian who does the same and it is a welcome change.

For many dogs a visit to the veterinarians office is horrifying. My own dogs are petrified when we have to go and the state that envelopes them while they are there is not how I want them leaving me. No dog should have to spend their last minutes in such a state of fear. The end is never good but having someone come into your home when the end has made itself clear is so much more bearable.

As canine guardians we do our best to care for and keep our dogs healthy. We focus on exercise and mental stimulation throughout their life. We teach and guide them through the day to day trials of living in a human world. And in the end it is all on us to make the final decision. We know up front that our dogs will typically leave us far before we are ready but we must deal with this fact the best we can and in our own way. But now there are options; very welcome changes in the way things are done in the end.

We all know that our dogs are here for a good time; not a long time. In the end; there is definitely an overwhelming sadness for our loss. But with it should be a huge celebration of a life that we were lucky enough to share. I applaud the veterinarians who have made this clear choice; our dogs deserve at least this.

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  1. We euthanised our lab 2 years ago. He had gotten so crippled that he could only walk 2-3 steps and he'd have to rest. For a dog that used to run for hours this was unbearable.

    The day before he was put down I took him down to his favourite spot by the river. We sat together and watched the water, he went in for a little swim, and he sniffed around on the bank. Then he got back in the truck and laid his head on my lap.

    This may sound horrible, but when I look back I wish that I could have released him there rather than the next day at the vet's office. The moment was so peaceful and natural and it seemed like the "right" time to say goodbye.


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