Hair to the rescue

Good Saturday morning; as usual I am snuggled up in bed with the hounds. It's later of course; being that it is Saturday. The dogs enjoy a slow start just as much as we do; a nice change of pace from the get up and go weekdays. They've had their cheese and toast; the girls have only a tiny bit because they tend to pack on the pounds easily. But Luke get's a load; anytime he is in the mood to eat we take full advantage of it. He is looking pretty good these days; he's on an eating role.

I wanted to discuss something this morning that one of my members from the Facebook group "The Standard Poodle" posted yesterday. I was totally blown away and being that our group has close to 1000 members now; well, that's a lot of hair. The post was about this group called Matter of Trust located in San Francisco. The group is helping to solve the environmental oil disaster by using hair, both people and animal hair. If you watch the You Tube about this hair solution; there is a part where they take a material made of hair and put it into a bucket of water and oil, what happens is amazing.

This effort is something that everyone can help with; dog owners, groomers and people groomers as well. ;) The recent oil spillage is catastrophic; who knows what long term effects will come of it? So now we dog lovers can help and it's really simple; so check out the website and get brushing and cutting.

Join their Facebook here.

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