To the Mothers

Happy Mothers Day to all of the Mothers out there. Mother :maternal tenderness or affection, caring for, tending to or someone to lean on. How many of you call yourself your dog's Mother? I know I do. When we say this; we clearly understand that we are not our dog's Mother, most of us do anyway. So why do we call ourselves out dog's Mother? It is very simple to reason that we have accepted that our dogs fall under the Mother's blanket of care. There are many stories of animal Mother's being the most fierce with regards to protecting their offspring. You don't want to cross a Mother's children.

Interfere with a Mother's children and you will be dealing with a fierce opponent. Fierce: violently hostile or aggressive in temperament b : given to fighting or killing. I have met a few canine Mothers who had no intention of allowing me to see their puppies. Even the best and most friendly female dogs can make a complete turn around when they give birth. I am never phased by this "come near and I'll kill you" message, I understand it completely. So for those of us who have stretched our circle of protection to encompass our dogs, you too understand the length we will go to protect our furkids.

I always tell people that I have 6 kids; 3 human and 3 fur. As our human children get older they need us less, so we often turn our attention to our furkids. A furkid always needs our care; there are degrees of needed care from puppyhood to senior dog but they need us and we need them. It feels good to care for our dogs; and they give us back far more than we could ever give them. Being a dog Mom is a wonderful thing; for those who have never tried it, I suggest you do.

I'm a dog Mom and proud of it; say it with me. Yeah; it is our day so have a wonderful one and enjoy being a Mom; whatever kind of Mom you are.


  1. Yes, I refer to myself as a dog mom and I am proud of it! If people roll their eyes or laugh at my dog mom title, I don't care! I take my role as a dog mom (and cat mom) very seriously and I will protect all 3 no matter what the circumstance! Great blog post!

  2. I think of it much like adopting a human kid--I didn't give birth, but the child is mine just as if I did. The same holds true for my dogs. I don't think I could feel more motherly than I do for them!


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