Bugs be gone? Not in a healthy world

Bug b gone; I'm sure you've heard the adds on the radio? Just yesterday I heard it again and you would think that the couple on the advertisement live in the Amazon Jungle how they explain their yard. If they use this great bug killing product their children and dogs can go out on the lawn again; this is California!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sure there are bugs here; there are suppose to be bugs here. The only ones I object to in my yard are the black widows and we have a lot of them. So should we be spraying bug killer all over our yard so that no living bug is left? NO.

Not only are we inundated with pest killing products to apply directly onto our dogs; but we can spray and pour substances everywhere we live to ensure that no bugs; bug us. Not all bugs are bad; in fact very few are really bad. Sure I hate fleas and ticks but even they can be kept at bay with safe products. One thing many people don't realize is that fleas are easily drown. With regular weekly baths in the summer months you can drown those pests away. Often fleas will vacate to the ears or anal area during a bath so you have to prepare for this. When you put your dog into the tub or shower create a thick lather with shampoo and water around their neck and rear end area so that once you start to bathe the dog the fleas have nowhere to run and hide.

The secret to getting rid of fleas is to catch them before they populate your home. Once those suckers lay eggs in the carpet you've got a major problem on your hands. Plenty of regular vacuuming and bed washing definitely helps to get rid of them. And check your dog regularly; you can see fleas and where there is one there may be others. More than once I've hunted down a flea that jumped off one of the dogs; all hunched up crawling along the floor with my reading glasses on it is like a game of cat and mouse, and this game has only one winner.

And what about that golf course looking yard? Is it worth having the most beautiful lawn in the neighborhood and risking your dogs health for it? I don't think so; it's just grass, who cares if it's the best in the neighborhood? If my grass is green I'm happy and even happier knowing that I am not adding to the chemical pollution of our planet. I just recently fired my lawn service because they would not stop using lawn chemicals on my yard. I do not want my family subjected to these products.

Say no to chemicals; NO TO TOPICAL PEST TREATMENTS ON OUR DOGS, NO TO CHEMICAL BUG SPRAYS IN OUR YARD OR HOME, NO TO CHEMICAL LAWN BEAUTIFIERS AND NO TO INGESTIBLE PEST TREATMENTS FOR OUR DOGS. It is easy to get started on a safer, healthier life by taking it one step at a time. There is so much information out there for all to read; just look it up on the net.

Eco Smart

The Cedarcide store

Planet Natural

The bottom line is PLEASE do not believe what you hear or read about chemicals being safe; do your own research and dig into anything you plan on feeding or putting on your dog. Even if it something you only plan on using around your dog; research the product. I have a very good friend who lost her dog as a direct result of bug spray. The dog was in her prime; a much loved member of the family. Because of lies about the safety and careless use of toxic chemicals from the company who was spraying the yard; she passed away. I had a difficult time writing this blog as there is so much to say it could be made into a book. So this is very much a condensed version; just enough to get you thinking about what's in that bottle?

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  1. I would have to agree all those chemicals are not safe. We live in Nh and had a huge problem with fleas last year.
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