Hard core chewing

Image #1 - Shows just how meaty the raw bones are; lots of good stuff on there, oh and my wine.

Image #2 - Jessie using her back teeth

Image #3 - Luke having a serious hard core chew.

Image #4 - Luke was growing bored of chewing decided to wander around and have a peek at the other bones. He is pretending not to be looking at Jessie in this shot but she knows better.

Image #5 - Jessie freezes and hard stares at Luke; he postures back at her. At which point I told him to go and chew his bone; which he did.

Hard core raw bone chewing; that's what it's gotta be. I had some extra time on my hands lastnight so decided to video tape the dogs and their chewing. I have been asked so many times "how do you do it?" Give bones is what they want to know; how do you do it? Having heard "never give your dog a bone;" all their life, most people are understandably leery. But like the Nike commercial says "just do it." I've walked many people through the whole process; but I thought this would definitely clear up any question that you might have about giving your dog a bone.

First off; raw bone chewing is the best way other than scraping to clean your dogs teeth. They can get to places with bones that you will never get to with a tool. It is also such a natural behavior; they love it and I truly believe it is good for their whole being to chew bones. With all this it is also a great time to work on any guarding issues; yes there can be serious guarding issues with raw meaty bones.

So I when I decided to video tape I got out the bones; trimmed up any loose pieces of bones; got out the camera, a glass of wine and gave the dogs a bone. I shot alot of images and got some nice video footage. I even got some very nice posturing from both Jessie and Luke. Bone chewing is a very supervised event at my house. Making sure that no one wanders over to someone else's bone is very important. Especially with the reigning Jack Russell around. Please enjoy. ;)

Bone chew #1

Bone chew #2

Bone chew #3

Bone chew #4

Bone chew #5

Bone chew #6

Bone chew #7

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  1. Something to keep in mind: COOKED bones are dangerous, that's when they become brittle and CAN splinter. Raw bones of any kind, including chicken, are 100% safe. This is a concern I deal with from on lookers on an almost daily basis as a raw feeder. Raw bones are 100% safe, cooked bones DO NOT GIVE COOKED BONES!! =)

    Love the pics and videos! Meal time is also very supervised around here, no aggression or guarding in my house, by why take the chance?

    I look forward to the rest of the pictures and videos! ♥


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