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I am merging; Just dogs with Sherri and Cook'n just for dogs with Sherri are now one. I find myself extremely busy these days so the two are now one. I haven't been getting around to writing the second blog since April so this is the best option for me. I will leave the Cook'n blog standing; it has a lot of information on feeding dogs on it for those who want to read some of it.

So this mornings blog is about eating and the differences in each dog's eating habits and tastes. Long ago when I fed my dogs generic dog food; and this is way back in the beginning I put the food on the floor and they ate; boy how times have changed. I clearly remember asking my vet at the time (I was in my early 20s) "is there a difference in foods?" He shook his head and claimed "they're all the same." So I bought the cheaper generic food. I wish I could go back in time and change things but you can't so you learn and push forwards.

Over the years I've learned a lot about nutrition; it is something I am very interested in. Having two long time vegetarian daughters and recently converted son and husband we do a lot of talking about food. So it makes sense that my interest in food crossed over to the dogs. I've been feeding home prepared food to my dogs for over 10 years. I have on occasion switched back to dog food but it was the best I could buy if I did. I now feed all "real food;" I do not use the term "people food" to describe.......well real food. People food is Pizza, chips, twinkies; you get the idea. With all the real food every so often I feed dog food that is agreeable with all three dogs both in digestion and taste; so that if I ever had to leave in a pinch they could eat Orijen or Stella and Chewys dog food.

I feed a wide variety of foods; I feel it is the optimal way to cover nutritional needs. Tastes are probably the biggest thing you see once you start feeding different foods and watching; who likes what? My three dogs are very different eaters; Jessie is a your basic Hoover, she will eat anything. Tilley is a great eater; there are a few things she is not a fan of. And then there is Luke; and I wish Luke's appetite on no one, he is by far the fussiest, most picky dog I have ever met. It is a constant challenge to keep meat on that boy; although as he nears 10 years of age his svelte body will do him good.

Along with Luke's fussiness; he also has eating issues. He often snubs foods that we think he loves; his appetite is just not peaked. So I go out into the yard and toss their food around; this kicks in his drive and he eats like a champ. The girls love this type of eating as well; it is after all much closer to how their ancestors ate. I also try to get lots of healthy snacks in throughout the day; Luke get's many and the girls get a bit not to be left out.

So with the merger I will be discussing food and feeding dogs here on Just dogs with "me."

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