A connection

I was out doing errands yesterday a woman saw the back of my car; she asked about what I do. I told her that I was a dog trainer and photographer and she said that she loved looking at photography; she loved when an image showed emotion and moved her. I agreed that a good photo should create a feeling. But; it's not always easy to achieve even when you are trying very hard to create just that. It is the connection that I look for; that inner meshing of human and canine.

For me a connection between human and canine is subtle; often something that is not visual but something you sense. I work around dogs all the time and I am lucky to connect with many; but definitely not all of them. Many new owners tell me about an instant connection; the one that was invisible but very strong as their puppy chose them. What was it about this one particular little dog that they felt so strongly about? Connections are a very personal thing; something that others may not even be aware of. But if you happen to get a glimpse of a true human/canine connection it is something to behold.

I have seen many connections between rescue workers and the dogs they are helping. A welcoming open spot lies waiting in the heart of a human who is driven to help dogs in need. This is where the scared and needy dog quickly gravitates to; you can almost see the instant connection. A connection is not always a touch; it is often a look, maybe only a simple sense of being connected but you can see it.

Both species are very aware of a connection; that is a part of the connection itself. A connection is a point in time; a moment when a dog and human are one. An instant; a millisecond or even in a passing, there has been something. A connection is not something you can measure; it's worth is immeasurable.

I often watch dogs and the human guardians; and I realize that the connection is what I'm looking for. Sadly some people never connect to even their own dog. For some reason the human has not opened themselves to the amazing human/canine connection. Once we humans have had a true connection you simply cannot return to a non connected life; you're usually a dog gonner. The old saying "gone to the dogs;" is a pretty great saying.


  1. Carol in St. LouisThursday, June 03, 2010

    Wish you were here in St. Louis to capture my dogs and I while I still have both of them. You do great work, Sherri.

  2. How true that the connection between pets and their humans is a personal one and it is so true that there's an instant connection as well. With each of my pets, I "just knew" they were the ONE and I've been right on the money with my instincts and I'm sure my 2 cats and my coonhound felt the same way when they first met me.


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