The leash

The leash; what could you possibly write about something so simple? You would think that it is a clear cut; strap type device that goes from dog to guardian, right? There is so much more to a leash; that is nowadays with so many different types out there to choose from. So I will give you my opinion on some of the types out there and what I like to use when I am required to hook'm up. I have just about every leash there is; but my go to one is a simple device.

I want to discuss the extension leash first; I have big issues with these. On the homepage of the website there is an image of a woman walking a dog past a hotel at the end of the leash DON'T DO THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Too many people walk their dog in crowded areas with their dogs on these type leashes; extended. The dogs are too far out front; which can cause a tangle for their dog and the people around. Most of these leashes have a tiny string as the main body of the leash; and believe me when I say they can really leave a mark if wrapped around you. I feel very strongly that these leashes should only be used in a park or field type area when there are not others around. The extension leash is a great device for those dogs who should not be off leash like my little Jack Russell; but great care should be cautioned around other dogs and people. If you really love the extension; know when and how to quickly reign in your dog and when it is safe to have them extended.

The bungee leash; have one of these. I bought one at a trade show; I'd always seen them and wanted to give it a go on my standard poodle sled dog Luke. It actually did take some of the umpf out of Luke's pulling; I was pleasantly surprised. Of course teaching your dog not to pull is the most effective way to avoid sore arms but if you aren't going to do that then the bungee leash helps. The last time I visited the land of squirrels; this leash saved my shoulder.

The Clicker leash; I am in the process of product testing this leash. So far I really like it; it has a built in clicker in the handle which I love. Even if I am training; I only want to be carrying a leash in my hand as I walk my dog. It is a great leash for no pull training; my guinea pig is Luke. The concept is obviously "clicker training" made easy. The leash is shorter than normal which is good for training as well. It is pricey but a wonderful training aid to get you to a non pulling enjoyable walk. If everyone started out with this and taught their dogs not to pull; just imagine.

Chain leashes? What's there to say? I don't get these; don't waste your money. Who wants to carry around a heavy chain? Not me and I'm sure your dog's neck would object as well.

The WalkyDog Bike leash; this I have not tried. But; there is a guy at my regular park that uses two with two dogs on his bike and he does a great job of it. He rides around and around the park with a dog on either side; both dogs look like they enjoy it. The pole type device keeps the leash away from the bike and becoming tangled. Pretty cool I think.

Now onto the regular good ole leash. My preference is 6-10 foot 5/8" cotton webbing leash. I just recently bought some nice new red ones. I'm always putting my leashes down in the grass and loosing them so I figured with red I could see them better in the grass; and I do. Regular leashes come in many different materials; nylon is one that I'm not a fan of, if your dog pulls it can pull through your hand burning you. You can't get a good grip on a nylon leash although they do come in an array of colors (wooohooo).

Wider is better if you go with nylon but then coiling them in your hand when you want to shorten up is difficult. Leather is the same; hard to bunch up when you want the leash shorter. Of course leather lasts well and the styles and fashions are too many to even discuss. As a trainer I like a leash that I can roll up into my hand when I want to work on close training or simply have my dog near me, cotton is the best for this. And I like to have a long enough leash so that if the moment arises when my dogs can wander around; I have the length to allow them to do this without giving up my rolling ability. Wide nylon and leather are tough to bunch into your hand.

And as far as fashion leashes go; the skies the limit. I'm not into fashion leashes and go more for the best utility leash out there which happens to be about the cheapest as well. Now go walk your dog. ;)

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