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This morning I switched up the regular breakfast that we share and gave the dogs some new treats I'm trying out. After shooting for several hours at the OC Super Pet Adoption event I wandered around the vendors to see if there was anything new. I found these new treats I hadn't seen Lauren's Poochie snacks before; we discussed the treats and they gave me a couple of bags to try. At Just dogs with Sherri we product test everything from goodies, toys, bowls to leashes.

We don't just try anything here; it has to first go through me before it ever reaches my pooches. The product has to interest me; be safe, positive and or healthy. We reserve the right "not to test." I have turned down many products; if right off the bat it is something I wouldn't use on my dogs, I'm not going to tell you guys to give it a whirl. If we; as in the dogs and I try a product that we do not like, we'll say so. And I will never put a product on my site that I deem dangerous or unfit for dog use or consumption. And of course just because my dogs or I like a product does not mean that you or your dogs will like it; it is simply our opinion.

When I got home on Sunday I offered the peanut butter flavored treats to the dogs which they all loved. This morning I offered them Lauren's Ocean brown rice flavor poochie snacks; which are gluten free. You can see from the image above that they were enjoyed. Even Luke ate them first thing in the morning and as you all know; he is one fussy pants. The cookies are hard which I like to see in a bagged treat and this is the reason for the teeth display from our little Jack Russell Jessie. The dogs really seem to like them; even Luke only hesitated a moment before giving one a try.

With the sea of dog treats out there it is nice to find a good homegrown business. And with the recent dog food recalls buying products that you can trust gets more difficult by the day. I really love trying new products and being able to spread the word to other canine guardians. But it is not just my dogs and myself who test products; we have a two additional testers so that we can best test a product. We have the rough and tumble Bentley on our team as well as Hogan; the tiny chihuahua helping us out. The simple act of buying dog treats can be a daunting task as you go from isle to isle trying to purchase something that your dog will like. So if a dog like Luke will eat them; I'm pretty sure any dog will eat like them.

Lauren's poochie snacks also makes horse treats which is something I've never even considered. I guess horses like treats just like the rest of us eh?

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