Good Tuesday morning everyone; I'm up early today, too early. I truly believe that we are not meant to get up in the dark; obviously Luke agrees because he didn't want his cheese this morning, too early for cheese. He snubbed the cheese when offered it and curled into a tight ball and went back to sleep. I apologize for my blog being late yesterday; the whole system was down and all the bloggers were in a panic.

I have a very busy day ahead of me; don't days seem to be just too darned short? Each and everyday I seem to need just a few more hours to get everything I wanted to do; done. At least I've added another hour this morning by being up so early; not that I'm happy about it at this very moment. Jessie on the other hand didn't mind getting up at all. I heard her race down the stairs with my husband; run out and do her business and speed back upstairs so as not to miss breakfast in bed. She is unbelievable at 14; a true dynamo. She can go from zero to a hundred in less than a second. Luke on the other hand loves his mornings; but he loves the sleeping part of them, he is not into getting up until he is done sleeping.

All dogs are so different; they are as different as we are. The more dogs you meet; you realize how true this is. Even amongst the same breed they are all so very, very different. Many people don't realize how different dogs can be; as they set out to get another just like the one they have. I've talked to a lot of people who have the dog of their dreams at home; as well as the dog not of their dreams. They thought that having this "best dog" ever; lets say a spaniel, they should get another wonderful spaniel. Imagine a pair of dogs so wonderful?

A couple of months into their second dog they realize that something is just not right with their new dream dog. He is doing things that the #1 wonderful dog never did; creating havoc and generally being a pain in the butt. What happened? Where is the dream dog you thought you were getting? Well; the dream dog image has you stuck on number one, the second dog may be just as much a dream; but different. No two dogs are alike; they may look like they come out of the same mold but be assured they can be as different as night and day. So now the comparisons start; comparing is such a human thing to do, isn't it? Comparing in itself is fine; I often note the differences in my three dogs, they are a diverse group.

But noting differences is where it should remain; that and taking into account that you may need to interact differently with your new and contrasting canine. Far too often we humans set a standard in our mind of worth; "this dog is the greatest." We then hold each new dog up to that standard and they just can't live up to the classic. When we get stuck on a standard so to speak we do an unjust to the dogs that are new or have yet to enter our life. We often compare a new canine family member to a dog that has since passed; this can be the most difficult to overcome. This is why when someone loses a heart dog; their equivalent to a human soul mate it is often a good idea to go with something that is visually completely different. I have discussed this very subject with many people as it always saddens me when the new dog is just not making the grades and the only reason is that they are not like the first dog.

When we open our heart and our mind to difference; we make it easier to adapt to change. It can be difficult to not put expectations onto a dog; but we must not. They should be allowed to form and develop into the individual that they are; like us. I am different than you; you may consider things that I enjoy to be very boring or strange. We are all individuals; so too are our dogs, embrace each one as the distinct beings that they are.

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