A disc in the tree Luke communicating with Sally

What's going on here?

Boy; she's worked up about something.

Ahhh; there's a Frisbee in the tree!

I need to get Mom.

I'll give it a go.


Okay; I'll try again.

I just can't reach it.

I'm sorry; I can't get it.

One more last ditch attempt.

I'll set the stage; Luke was attending his very first "official dog birthday party." It was a party celebrating the 10th year of his best friend. He was enjoying romping with his poodle friends; socializing and catching up. One of his buddies is a white Frisbee loving gal named Sally; she's pretty engrossed with her disc, Tilley style obsessed. So while the gift opening commenced; Sally's Mom put her Frisbee in the tree. This kept her otherwise occupied from giving compelling eyes at everyone so that they might toss the disc for her. Sally kept very busy trying to get the disc out of the tree; and all this commotion caught Luke's eye. He watched her intently for a while; tried to figure out what she was doing when he spotted the disc in the tree.

Luke is quite accustom to discs being in trees; we used to play Frisbee daily when ultimately it would end up in the tree at some point. He would locate it and communicate to me where it was and that I needed to get it for him. So; yesterday he first tried to do just this, he came to tell me there was a disc in the tree and they needed help. I didn't oblige; the disc was suppose to be in the tree. So he went back and spoke to Sally about this. He decided to give it a go; when he tried to get it she stood back and watched hopefully. He couldn't quite reach; so he backed up and pondered a bit. He is not the type to hurl himself aimlessly in the air like Sally was doing; her enthusiasm runneth over.

They spent a good long while discussing and attempting to get the disc out of the tree. I loved watching the communications between the two; the team work they opted for in their mission. At the beginning of the disc in the tree situation; Sally tried meticulously to get it out of the tree. Then her excitement and anxiety took over as she jumped everywhere; often no where near the Frisbee itself. Luke on the other hand saw them problem and attempted to solve it calmly. When he couldn't he came to get help from Mom; and with that availing no results they worked together to find a way.

Inevitably the party ended and the Frisbee came out of the tree. The disc girl was happy and Luke had long forgotten about the disc in the tree; he was simply ready to go home. After all he too will be 10 in a couple of weeks; the Frisbee retrieving from trees should be left to the young'ns.

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