Keep on truck'n

It amazes me; some dogs are such troopers. I've been dealing with a lot of medical issues lately with my old gal Tilley. I wrote a blog a couple of weeks ago about one issue that she had and thankfully has since moved on from. Then last Monday she started with something new; a look was all I got in the beginning. Knowing my dogs so well; a look is all I needed to know that something was up. That look turned to complete paralysis of her front legs by Tues. morning and we were off to the vet.

After a full examination it was obvious that something was going on with her spine. Only a week before she had had a full diagnostic x-ray done. She was given a heavy dose of prednisone and pain meds. She was bad; really bad, her front legs were completely buckled over and she could not right them. Tuesday was a rough day; but only an hour after a shot of cortisone she was sitting up. The vet had given her a 50-50 chance of getting better; it was that bad. And soon she was on her feet trying very hard to right her feet that had gone wrong. Now a full week later she is at the moment lying on my bed peeking over my laptop. We are not out of the woods yet but her ability to bounce back simply amazes me, she is one tough cookie.

I am in the process of weaning her off of her pain meds. They are addictive; you must take weaning time so as to not trigger withdrawal symptoms. We don't need that on top of everything else so by tomorrow she should be off and I will have a clearer picture of how she is really doing. She will be on prednisone every second day for another week and then that's it. Hopefully it will have given her body the chance to heal whatever had been going on.

Just last night I had the honor yet again to photograph Courage. My first meeting and shoot with Courage was the end of June; he looked wonderful and was truly inspirational. Last night he just amazed me; Mr. Social at his obedience class. He played with all the other dogs; visited all the other canine guardians and was generally having a great time. He gave me a huge greeting; and touching his wonderful soft coat and now much heavier body made me smile. What a dog. Not only has he put his past in the past; but he has moved on with gusto.

I sat watching him go through his paces as he worked with his guardian through the lessons. He has a enthusiasm; strong work ethic like any German Shepherd I've trained with. There is an intensity about him; as he stands taking his surroundings in. And the connection between his guardian and he is unmistakable. The interactions are subtle yet profoundly moving. A simple touch from his guardian alters his whole aura; a joy to witness.

Giving up is not an option for dogs; as long as they have fight left in them, they do so. Whether it is illness; abuse, being lost or injured, they have a determination in them that can be simply put.................amazing.

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