From the moment we met

From the  moment we met; I knew you were the one, you caught my eye when I wasn't looking.  No I was not looking to bring a puppy home with me that day.  I was simply visiting a friend; a friend who had a litter of puppies who would soon be going home to their new homes.  You jumped and you jumped, you wouldn't give it up.  When your brothers and sisters slept; you were doing your best selling job.  And as I picked you up and held you; looking into your eyes, I asked "do you want to come home with me?"  I hadn't really meant it; I say that to alot of dogs, I really wasn't looking. 

I put you back onto the ground; you commenced your "pick me" routine.  I tried hard to ignore the fact that you were standing out of the pack; really standing out.  I asked my friend about you as she hoisted you into the air stating "this is a great boy."   She told me all about you; I tried to shrug it off.  As I looked around at all your brothers and sisters nothing was happening with them, with you something was happening, I could feel it.  I met your Mom; talked about your Dad and learned about a couple of your siblings that were going to new homes in a couple of weeks. 

After our visit I got in my car and drove off; all I could think about was your beautiful fluffy golden coat.  Those amazing brown eyes of yours and that tail that just wouldn't stop.  For three weeks I talked about you; I basically obsessed over our meeting.  Something had happened that day; something that I could not ignore.  We'd connected; the connection had been so intense that I couldn't forget it.  Until finally one day through an amazing sequence of events, unbelievable friends and your now Dad saying "just go get him" you joined our family. 

I didn't know I was looking for you at the time; apparently I was.    My life will never be the same; boy am I glad you chose me. 



  1. How very heart warming! A friendship meant to be.....

  2. Who could say that love at first sight doesn't exist?

    Your story brought tears to my eyes.

    I am waiting for the same to happen to me, again...


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