Let's end it right now-rant time.

Okay; I'm sick of it.  What am I sick of?  I'm sick of seeing the pet store at the Mall filled with people.  HEEELLLLLOOOOOOO; did any of you see Oprah?  Did you see the HSUS show on Mills?  By now there is no reason why anyone would not know; come on, everyone knows.  And frankly I think it is appalling; turning a blind eye, what they don't see can't hurt them right?  After all the sales person assured them that they don't buy from Millers.  Well it may not hurt immediately but there's a good chance down the road that it's going to hurt and hurt bad.  What happens to many pet store dogs is that issues arise, health and emotional.  I've known a lot of puppy mill dogs and almost everyone had something either physically or mentally wrong with them.

Just stop; if everyone just stopped buying dogs from pet stores and the online Millers, they'd go out of business.  Once they are belly up then the rescue begins.  But only once they have stopped pumping out puppies for a buck can the weary find rest.  Those poor little dogs stuffed in a cage with little or no food or water.  Left alone to procreate for the; dare I say humans who use them up until they are of no use to them any longer.   People need to JUST STOP; stop buying from these horrible excuses for humans.  They have no heart; they don't care who they hurt, kill or injure in their quest for the almighty dollar. 

Shut'm down I say; there needs to be more raids, a stop to this madness.  A glimmer of desire in a consumers eye turns to greed and despair very quickly.  First it was the pocket pooches (thanks so much Paris).  A Miller's dream, no need for a big facility when you can have tiny little cages stacked high with hundreds of dogs bringing in the big bucks.  Then came the Designer dogs; yep the Millers jumped on  that one bigtime.  You name it; they've crossed them.  Doodles galore, maltipoos, puggles, pekapoos, chiweinies, you name it.  Some even brag about their modern facilities; out buildings and cages galore.  Breeding corals, whelping buildings...................STOP. 

Time to stop the madness; we can all do it.  Spread the word; tell everyone you know.  Time to boycott the stores; shut'm down.  If they sell puppies; never set foot in the store again.  Someone somewhere has to take a stand; and it can be all of us together.  It is a huge pyramid of perpetrators; from the leaser of the buildings and storefronts to the owners of the stores who pretend to have no idea.  The employees who know better but want to keep their job.  To the shippers who know what they are doing is not right; but they too shut up to keep their job.  All the way down to the consumers; the ones who buy the dogs, the ones who pretend not to know but know they know.  Let me state this loud and clear for all to hear "GOOD BREEDERS DO NOT SELL THEIR DOGS TO PET STORES."  That is a fact and if they do sell to pet stores; well then you know what they are. 

Millers buy what they can; they often scam ethical breeders; lying about who they are and what their plans are.  Many don't get past the screening but occasionally they do.  These poor dogs; once in the hands of a Miller, receive little food and water, little or no medical treatment, no affection, no love, no caring, no concern.............no compassion.  It is a compassion less business; it is the scum off the bottom of the bucket who Mills dogs.  Dogs deserve a home; a family, love and care from someone who is always there for them.  They deserve it and we need to demand it.

These horrible acts inflicted on dogs are stoppable; but someone has to stop it.  This can be done; it could actually be stopped, but people need to stop first.  Stop frequenting the stores that carry  puppies; if no one goes into the store, the store owner is going to change something.  If he stops carrying puppies; there will be no demand, no more demand on the poor suffering animals who live a life of horror to keep pumping out more.  Perhaps the Millers will turn to the next hot ticket item; maybe some new fancy "pet rock" thing.  Then the rescuers can do their job and rescue the survivors.  Finally giving the dogs the life they always deserved but never had. 

Take a stand; you can make a difference.  Stand today; say it, you will not set foot in a store that sells puppies.  You will spread the word because our dogs.........................our dogs deserve it.


  1. I agree it's horrible situation. What the ordinary person doesn't understand is that there are reputable breeders, who love their animals and will sell pet quality at 1/4 cost of these pet stores.

    The only way I know is to PICKET. If everyone in every community picketed outside the store, say on Saturday, maybe people would get the message. Reputable breeders need to do community messages so others will know there are alternatives.

  2. I agree with you completely. We have one of these same "pet stores" in the mall where I live. I have said all the things that you have to my friends and they act like they are listening and then they go there and buy a dog anyway. One of my best friends, watched me wait for a year for my Poodle from a good breeder 2000 miles away. The breeder required me to have references and to come to her to pick up the dog since she will not ship a 9 week old puppy. This friend of mine bought a "designer" dog out of a trailer on a vacant lot on a busy street corner in our town and paid just short of $1000 for a mutt. Some people just will not learn no matter what you tell them or how good an example you try to be.

  3. I volunteer for a poodle rescue and everything you say it correct. People definitely need to stop purchasing these animals to stop the profitability but I think AKC needs to have rules that keep these dogs from being registered. No one should be able to register multiple litters of puppies over and over again!

  4. I have had multiple Shelties through out 20+ years. Before I knew better, I bought my first two from pet stores. I subsequently got three from rescue, and they had probably started out in pet stores as well. What people do not seem to understand is that reputable breeders actually CARE aboout their dogs. They also offer health guarantees on all their dogs and will take them back both for health reasons or any other reasons for the dog's lifetime. They do not want their dogs to wind up in shelters or in rescue. They also TEST their dogs. I have three Shelties now who came from three different breeders. All their parents were CERF-ed (checked for Collie Eye Syndrome), OFA-ed (checked for hip dysplasia and the results posted on the OFA website), and with Shelties in particular, they are checked for Hypo-Thyroidism and MRD-1 which is a gene which makes Shelties unable to take certain drugs/meds because said drugs can and will kill them. and you get all of those health guarantees for less $$$$ than you would pay for a mill dog in a pet store... and that's befor we even get into the blatant cruelty factors.

  5. Suzanne; this is so true. I am a big fan of good ethical breeders. Many people group Millers and ethical breeders together thinking no one should breed but that is not the case. Ethical; great breeders care about the health and welfare of their dogs, bottom line.

  6. Amen to this post. We all have to keep spreading the word. I too, do not understand how ANYONE doesn't know about puppy millers and pet stores. Or maybe I do. Those are the people who have not given any thought to really having a dog. What kind is suitable for their personality and circumstances, what their care will entail, grooming needed, etc. They just all of a sudden think a dog is a great idea. Either the kid wants one, or they saw a well behaved beautiful one on the street with a caring owner, or they just saw a movie like Marley and Me. So even if they first call an ethical breeder, they aren't going to pass a "real" breeders potential owner screening because they are clueless about dog ownership. So then they end up going to the online, or pet store puppy millers. And they pay about the same price as they would through a good breeder. People can be so very frustrating. Not really bad people, just operating in ignorance and impulsivity. It is very sad. Thank you for your well written post. I will be forwarding it around


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