A dog should not be measured by their exterior

Funny how some people dress up little dogs; haul them around in little bags and treat them like little dolls.  I actually feel very sorry for these dogs who don't get to be dogs.  A tiny yorkie or Chihuahua is no less a dog than a German Shepherd or an Alaskan Malamute.  One of my all time favorite clients was a chihuahua named Chili; she had one of the biggest personalities stuffed into one of the smallest little bodies.   She was no slouch; Chili was the boss of a very busy and happening pack and it was clear as soon as I met them that she was indeed "top dog."

When I was a child; we had a toy poodle, his name was Strawberry (yes I know.)  He was all of 7 lbs at his heaviest but he was one tough cookie.  Many small dogs are tough; they have to be in a big dog world.  He often had big dogs running for the hills as he came out swinging.  Jessie is much like this; she has put many a big dog in their place.  She oozes confidence; scary to many dogs no matter what size.  I love to see small dogs hiking, swimming, playing frisbee (with tiny frisbees) and anything else that mid to large size dogs get to do. 

Of course there are some things to be aware of with small dogs but they are still just dogs.  They love to rough and tumble; love to sleep with you, go in the car and play at the park just like all the other dogs.  You have to be more concerned about safety with a small dog; afterall they are small.  But what's inside is a dog; the heart of a canine and they should be treated as such.  To treat them like little tiny people is simply unfair.  And the big guys; some of them are not nearly as tough as the small guys.  Sure there are big tough big guys and not so tough big guys; just like the small ones. 

A dog is a dog is a dog; they come in all shapes and sizes but they are all dogs inside.  My breed is one of the worst hit for exterior perception; of course those folks that dye their poodle's hair pink doesn't help the powder puff idea.   Poodles are a very utility breed; but many people just consider them to be beauty parlor dogs.  This is sad as well; poodles love to play in the dirt, dig, swim, jump and retrieve just as much as any other dog.   I remember a guy shocked to hear that my girl Tilley was a frisbee dog.  "Poodles can jump?" he asked as I rolled my eyes and walked past.  Geesh!!!!

A tiny munchkin dog does not belong in your arms 24/7, a giant breed wants to sit on your lap, a Whippet might love to go for a swim and a Bassett might just want to go for a run.   Break out of that "breed" exterior shell or size mold; and let your dog be a dog.

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  1. My standard Vacheron plays in the park, jumps in puddles, rolls around in dirt every chance he gets! Although he is in the show coat, I want him to be a dog, and if that means not having as long a coat as others then so be it!


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