I've got a beef

Yesterday I was headed to the store to pick up a few things when I thought I'd take a shortcut.  I didn't actually know if this was a shortcut but thought I'd see if it might be.  Well as I drove down the road I quickly realized that this was not going to be a shortcut and it was in fact a dead end.  I was coming up to a cul de sac; and as I drove closer to my dead end there was a Golden Retriever doing his business at the side of the road.  As I pulled into the cul de sac it came out onto the road and stood smack dab in the middle.  "Okay; uhhhh, does someone own this dog?" I asked myself.  I stopped for a good 30 seconds waiting.......waiting; ah yes, the lady in the car.

There were several cars in the cul de sac and I hadn't noticed that there was a woman in one of them.  She got out; gave me a very dirty look and called the dog to her car and opened the back door.  Seems I had interrupted her dogs free for all; and the woman had to get wet.  Perhaps that was why I got a dirty look; well no matter.  I was able to turn around now being that there was no longer a threat of running over the dog in the MIDDLE OF THE CUL DE SAC.

Alrighty then; this is my beef, people need to be with their dog.  If that means that you are going to get wet; well so be it.  If that means that you have to stand out in the middle of a snow storm, a hurricane or a sand storm, that's what you have to do.  I don't know how many times that I have pulled up to a park to see an owner sitting in their car while their dog is out gallivanting around the park alone.  I wait until I am seen by the owner; before taking my dogs out of the car.  This is usually when the owner flies out of the car to get their dog. 

Supervise:  1. to direct or oversee the performance or operation of.

                 2. to watch over so as to maintain order, etc.

Supervision is a must; just like with children, if you are not watching how can you take care of?  You can't; supervision demands attention, eyes on you dog at all times.  If your dog is going to be off leash you must first; be in attendance and second, be watching your dog.  Obviously the woman today was not even watching her dog from her car.  If she was she would have seen me pulling up and been out getting the dog before I even entered the cul de sac.  What if I had been a maniac driver speeding down the road without any concern for who or what was around?  The dog could have easily been hit; and it would have been the driver who was to blame. 

Accidents happen all the time; why set yourself  and your dog up for one?

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