Ya gotta laugh

Sometimes things happen with dogs when you just have to laugh or you might just barf.  And there are times when you just have to share.  Yesterday I was sitting enjoying some R&R in my living room; my husband and I were discussing the day when he told me this story.  At the time I was eating popcorn and nearly choked I got laughing so hard.  First he calmly stated "oh I forgot to tell you what happened today."

First the ground work.  Luke and his Dad go for a big hike every weekend; they have a few spots but one regular one.  They were on their regular walk when Luke had to do his business and it was a bad one, grass.  We all know what happens when dogs eat too much grass as it exits.  Well; Luke had a hanger and my husband had but one bag with him.  I was already laughing just hearing this; my hubby is not the strong stomach type.  Continuing on; he had to do the large leaf search (I've done it many times) and finally found one which he did the best he could with while trying not to get any on him.  After his near death experience they continued on their walk.

I was in the shower when they got home and I all heard was "he needs his butt wiped."  This is typically my job; doesn't bother me in the least.  Luke got his rear end cleaned up to my amazement.  After that; we did our regular morning routine, breakfast, brushing etc.  Then  my husband had to go grab something out of his car and as soon as he opened the door it hit him.  "Smells like crap," looking around his very nice white Yukon with light beige leather interior he quickly found the cause.  I was laughing really hard at this moment; and yelled out what he saw before he could even tell me, I knew it was coming I just didn't know when it would happen.  Luke sits on the back seat; but not regular like, he sort of stands facing forwards and sits only halfway with his butt pushed up against the back of the seat.  You just know what happened right?

There were two big smears on the back of his seat.  Okay; this is the choking part, I nearly choked on my popcorn as the tears flowed down my cheeks.  He had to laugh at this point; as he told me how he had to clean it up and even after spraying it and leaving the windows open for hours "that stuff lingers."  I laughed and laughed I pictured the whole story playing out.

They keep you humble; and my husband agrees.  Now go hug your dog.  ;)

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