The Holidays are just around the corner

I was recently sent a book which I offered to read and review; so here it is.  First I'll let you all in on a little secret about me; Sherri.  I'm a Christmas maniac; it is by far my favorite time of year.  Our house gets the full on decking of the halls; being that we are now in Southern California it takes that much more to seem like Christmas.   So when I heard about this new book which happens to be about Christmas; I was all over it.    That and the fact that the heros of the day; are a pack of poodles.  So Christmas and poodles?  It's gotta be good.  This new book is called Flying Poodles; A Christmas Story.,  written by Karen Morss and illustrated by Ginger Nielson.  The book can be purchased on the link above.

Itune app  for Flying poodles; A Christmas Story

I know that you don't all have poodles but if you love the Night Before Christmas story and you love dogs you have to love this.  The story was inspired by the team of standard poodles that ran the Iditarod; yes truly they did and the book is done sort of like the Night Before Christmas story.  Flying Poodles is imaginative with some very cute twists.  The illustrations are much like those from back in the good ole' days of Christmas story books.   I loved it and Flying Poodles will hold a primo spot on the shelf for the day that I have Grandchildren to read Christmas stories to.  For now it will be read to me and the dogs.  ;)

No matter who your four legged snuggle friend is for the Holiday Season; you'll both love this new canine Holiday edition.

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  1. Oh, Sherri! These pictures are priceless. May I put them on my website with a link back to yours. Thank you so much for the fabulous review! Onward, Poodles!


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