The comforts of home

I was out shopping yesterday afternoon, not long, only about an hour and a half.  If I have to be out all afternoon running around I will often plan my trips around stopping at home when I can.  So I popped in to drop off a few items and check on the dogs.  They were so adorable, all three sound asleep on the couch.  I soon heard the tell tale thumping of Luke's circle tail.  The wag he reserves for his family at very happy times, this was one.  I walked around to see him flopping around like a fish, we snuggled and kissed.

Jessie then sat up "something going on?"  She looked around and lay her head down again, her hearing is nearly non existence.  I walked over and gently touched her so as not to startle her too much.  She started crying, this is what she does when she is very happy.  We had a quick snuggle and she went back to sleep.  No one was excited enough to get off the couch.   This fact makes me really happy, knowing that all my old dogs are so comfortable at home.

I glanced over to Tilley thinking that she would be awaiting my greeting next, nope.  She was sound asleep and snoring with her head stuffed down into the couch cushion.  I had to smile, she was so comfortable and looked it.  I quietly ran upstairs and got my camera thinking that she'd have moved by the time I got back down, nope.  She was still stuffed and snoring.  I quickly snapped away and she never budged, it wasn't for another hour that she would raise her head out of the corner.

I love knowing that they are all hanging out.  They are not the touchy feely type of dogs with each other but they do enjoy being in the same room.  And I find now with Jessie loses her hearing and sight that she seeks Tilley out often to lay with.  This is whats it's all about, creature comforts and my creatures deserve as much comfort as I do.  All dogs do, it makes me sad to think of dogs laying on a cold concrete surface.  If you have  any extra blankets, consider donating to a shelter or rescue group.  Even an old blanket can make a huge difference.  

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  1. I love seeing all your babies so comfy. Being down to no pets has been very weird. My pets (4 dogs 2 cats) had more beds than number of pets, not to mention couches and my bed. There is nothing better than snuggling with a pet. My all time best snuggler was Patachou, a 104 lb rottie and my heartdog. Thanks for the memories :)


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