Pet's eye view

I recently stumbled across a cool little gadget.  Being that I am a photographer of dogs, this totally peeked my interest.  The Pet's eye view camera, a camera that hooks onto your dogs collar and takes pictures on their voyage.  It holds a total of 40 shots and will take pictures either every 1 or 5 min., depending on what you set it on.  I chose the 1min. setting for the trial shoots. 

I have to say I was skeptical, even my phone takes horrible images so I didn't hold out much hope for quality.  But I have to say I was surprised, not amazing quality but fully recognizable images.  It is very easy to use, not too many moving parts.  I hooked Jessie up first and immediately noticed the flaw with her.  She walks with her head down, constantly sniffing so I figured her chin was what was going to be photographed.  But it took her chin and other things.  And it did make me realize just how short that little munchkin is. 

Side muzzle shot
Our park
Some of the images were just too blurry to recognize.  She may have turned quickly just when it was shooting so these are a few of the best shots.  And as you can see, she's very short. 

Then I had my husband hook up Luke and go for their jog and we pretty much got the same results.  Pretty good shots unless he was moving too quickly. 

                                                      A blurry shot, movement in the car

                                             Blurry chin shot

                                           The trail

                                              Trail with railing
                                             Car ride home with Dad

So then the little camera was hooked up to Miss Tilley at home.  These are a few pics that she took while lounging around the house. 

She took a shot of Luke
And Luke again, hmmmm she's looking at Luke a lot. 

So I figured that this would be the best way to test and review this product.  Let the dogs do their thing and show you what they got.  It is fun to use and then look at the images.  I had fun seeing how they see things.  It runs a little under 50.00 and is definitely fun to play with.  

The only down side is that it must be plugged into the computer all the time because if the charge runs out, that's it.  It also only holds 40 images which must be deleted each time before using.  It would make a great gift for a dog lover who has it all.  

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  1. That is pretty cool. If you have a pet door so they can get outdoors on there own then with this camera you will know where thay are when they been out for a while. LOL


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