Its raining

As I sit typing the big "storm" is just hitting.  We are suppose to have a big storm here in Southern Califonria and the temps will be dropping down to a mere 50 degrees if we even reach that tomorrow.  I know, that doesn't sound so chilly but for here it's freaking cold.  I know real cold, I lived 36 years of my life in Ontario Canada so yes I realize that 50 is really not that cold. 

So anyway, having California dogs they are not accustom to the rain so tomorrow morning they will do their look outside and go laydown until they absolutely have to go out.  Tilley and Jessie are actually from Canad but they were only 1 and 2 years old when we moved here so snow blizzards are a forgotten way of life for them now.    When we lived back in Canada both Jessie and Tilley were well accustom to rain, they've got a bit soft now much like us.  And like us they too enjoy sleeping on a rainy day.  Is there anything better than hearing the rain pouring down being snuggled in bed?

Tomorrow is suppose to be the worst of it and while my guys will be curled up in their blankets by the fire and have a few forced trips outside, many owners will be struggling with their dogs to go out.  Many dogs here just do not go out in the rain, they hate it.  Seeing them cringe as every drop falls on them you'd think that they were being tortured.  It's really funny actually but not if you are worried about your carpets.

So the big secret to get them to go out, is to go back to the beginning.  Back to square one when you treated your dog for going outside.  They don't want to go out and you don't want them to pee on the carpet so a couple of treats given for some bad weather is a very minor set back.  Hopefully you have taught them a verbal cue to relieve themselves outside so that you can call on that now.  Take them out, ask them to go and when they do they get a treat.  Just like old times.  And presto, the reluctance to going outside is gone.  A few big rain drops on their head is nothing now that they are rewarded for going out and facing the harsh California elements.  Joking of course.  ;)

I was considering hitting a dog show tomorrow to shoot some agility, obedience and rally but unless I see a sky like this one above it'll be a negative on that.  Unfortunately my camera feels much like my dogs about the rain.  Rain and cameras do no get along so well.  :)


  1. I just wanted to tell you how much I enjoy reading your blog everyday. I am a true lover of animals and my 2 dogs are my heart. I also wanted to tell you how beautiful your pictures are and how beautiful it is where you live. Being from Minnesota I understand how it is trying to get the pups to go out when it is cold or raining. Have a great weekend.

  2. Thank you very much Krismn. It's amere few feet but taking that step out into the rain seems to be the hardest. Although if we were to go for a walk they'd all be in. Have a great weekend yourself.

  3. Good Morning Sherri, I just wanted to let you know that here in Portland Maine we had 10 inches of snow yesterday which presents a whole different problem for my little BUG Milo since the snow pack is twice as tall as he is. My husband dutifully snow blows Milo a pee path around our back yard with every storm and at this point the sides are about 3 feet high! Milo loves to play in the snow but not to go out in the rain. He is a true New England-er I guess. I love you blog, I look forward to reading everyday, keep up the great work.
    Michelle & Milo

  4. Michelle, I remember those days back in Canada with my poor little Jack. I use to think her stomach would freeze as she dragged it along the snow. She'd hop through the snow like a deer, very cute. Sounds like little Milo has a wonderful life. I'm glad you like my blog, I love sharing it with other dog lovers and it is really nice to hear that you guys enjoy it.

    Hugs to Milo


  5. Hi Sherri. First, I LOVE that first picture. Gorgeous.

    Bear doesn't mind the rain too much if we are going for a walk. Although, I think it bothers him when rain or snow gets in his eyes. But you made me remember last year during a horrible rain storm when Bear had to poop. Of course, the heavens just opened when he made it clear that he needed to go outside. I got my boots and coat on, leashed him and took him out, stood there in the torrential rain for 10 mintues while he did the poop dance, only for him to decide he didn't really have to go, came back inside, attempted to dry him off, then a few minutes later, he'd get antsy and start to do the poop dance in the kitchen! Back outside! We did that at least 4 times before he finally pooped out there! Poor guy!


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