My dogs

My dogs:  Jessie, Tilley and Luke.  I adore my dogs, who doesn't right?  Ask anyone about their dog and they'll go on and on.  I love hearing why people love their dogs and seeing that little beam of adoration in their eye.  I get to hear a lot about people loving their dogs and of course I too love to talk about my dogs.  I was stopped a couple of days ago at the park while walking Jessie and Tilley.  The woman had a cute little doxie, and I forwarned her that my little one was not friendly.  Tilley was busy with her ball so she wasn't too social right off the bat.  But after a bit she dropped the ball and came to say hi. 

The woman was fascinated when I told her that they were nearing 14 and 15 years of age. We talked about Tilley's Vestibular, Jessie's Dementia and basically how wonderful they were. Yes I was gushing. It was so cute hearing her talk to her little guy "now you don't want to go see that one," talking about Jessie. I love when I see how connected some people are with their dogs. There really is nothing like the bond between a human and a dog, truly there isn't.

And my dogs are no exception, I have a very special bond with all of them.  And they are all very different.  I have had standard poodles for 26 years and each and everyone has been very different.  Of course Jessie is quite different being a terrier, and a true terrier she is.  Jessie is very attached to me, but she is not mushy gushy like say Luke is.  But if she cannot find me she will cry.  My husband has told me often that when I'm out she runs around the house crying.  And especially now with her Dementia, deafness and near blindness it is a worry for her.  She is very dominant in the world of dogs and over the years I have helped her maintain her "top dog" status.  She is smart as a whip and has learned more tricks than any of my dogs.  She jumps through hoops, waves, spins, prays, pushes balls around, you name it she does it.  She has survived several falls that would have killed a normal dog.  And at the age of 6 we almost lost her to an auto immune disorder but here she is as almost 15 years old, crazy but healthy.  She is the most adorable little thing.

Tilley is my meek mannered girl, Lassie in poodle clothing.  She really is and if my kid fell down a well I know she would come and tell me.  ;)  Tilley always impresses people with her regalness and few have believed that she was a frisbee dog.  In fact Tilley has been on Petstar twice so if you watch re-runs you'll eventually see her performing with me.  Tilley is very affection but on her terms, she doesn't like if you hug her, unless she does the hugging first.  She adores my husband and son, she loves her men.  She is Miss Manners and my sons constant guardian, even now that he is 21 years old. 

And Luke, what can I say about Luke.  He is my mushy gushy one, he loves kissing and hugging and the more the better.  That is from his peeps, not strangers or acquaintances.  He is my constant shadow and wherever I am, he is.  He is a true guard dog and I dare anyone to bother me with Luke around.  He is the pickiest eater I have ever seen and the biggest pig in the same breath.  What he loves he loves, and he loves him some shortbread and buttered toast.  He considers himself the king of the castle and that makes him very happy.  He adores his Dad but is Momma's boy unless of course he just went on a run with Dad, then he is Dad's boy.  Luke is a reactive dog and has taught me more than any dog in my life.

So there you have it, my dogs and if you ask me?  I could literally go on for hours.  ;)

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  1. I feel like have learned a lot about your four legged family from your photos. Thanks for sharing even more about them. I havent even met them and yet I adore them. I could also happily listen for hours to people talking about their pets. I would also be just as happy to talk about mine. I have been blessed with one heart dog already, my dobe Piper and now I am blessed again with my girl Bella, definately another heart dog. I hope that I am fortunate enough to have many years with my four legged love ones. I hope yours continue to stay well and continue to enjoy their wonderful life.


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