Thunder shirt

First let me say that I hope all of your dogs are safe and sound at home where they belong.  No doubt there will be dogs who were freaked out by the fireworks and are now wandering the streets looking for home.  The shelters will have them in their hands more than likely today but it never fails that there will be lost dogs, so very sad. 

We sat out on our balcony last night to watch the fireworks; we had'nt realized how much growth had gone on over a year as we watch the amazing explosion just over the peaks of the trees.  There is nothing really close to us so everything is in the distance.  Last year we did the same thing and Tilley never flinched; with her hearing leaving she didn't hear the big booms.  This year seemed like a boomer year and she indeed flinched.  With one exceptionally loud boom and flash of light she started to dig.  I took that cue to run and get my Thunder shirt.  I've had it since right after last years July 4th and only got the chance to give it a whirl.

I knew exactly where it was; I'd seen it earlier in the day when I was looking for a specific collar.  At first glance the Thunder shirt looks complicated but once you get it; it's easy.  I wrapped it around my digging, panting girl and she calmed somewhat.  Not sure that I'd wrapped it tightly enough I rewrapped her like a burrito.  Once wrapped she was most definitely less frantic.

The Thunder shirt did not stop her fear but it surely made a dent in the degree.  I have to say that was surprised that Tilley was bothered with the fireworks with her hearing even worse than ever.  No matter she started her digging which is her typical response to fireworks.  Where she thinks she is going is away, just away from the sound and lights.  But with the Thunder shirt she was able to lie down and once down stairs away from the light show she quickly fell asleep with her snazzy wrap tightly hugging her body.


  1. My sister Georgi loves the Thunder Shirt. She posted on Facebook: "Bella is a very happy dog this 4th of July thanks to her brand new Thunder Shirt! What a blessing! She is COMPLETELY content and at ease, even with the neighbors setting of fire crackers AND our hearing the town's major display." Several Camp Dogwood human campers have posted about the Thunder Shirt, too, saying it worked wonders at calming their dogs. Fortunately, I don't need one yet. Little 6 mo. old Abby wanted to stay out and find out what all the excitement was about. Today the town sirens went off all around us as we walked around 10 AM. Same response. What IS it? WHERE is it? Want to go see. Hope the fearlessness continues.

  2. Mandi is terrified of thunder but does not freak out until the lightening, I think that bothers her more. It was a quiet Fourth of July here in the mountains, some people set off an occasional firecracker, but with the television on Mandi pretty much slept through it. I was thinking about getting her the Thunder Shirt to see if it would help her with the thunderstorms, which have been more violent than usual this year.

  3. I just saw these in a magazine on a recent flight and wondered if they really worked. It made sense so I brought home the info. Good to know real users do find it works.


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