Waste not

I hate waste; I never mind buying food if it doesn't go to waste. Throwing perfectly good food in the garbage is a huge issue for me so it rarely gets thrown out in this house. If we don't eat it; chances are I'll feed it to the dogs. Don't get me wrong; my dogs don't eat garbage, no cut offs  for them.  The only thing I will give my dogs that I won't eat is gristle or tough pieces of meat. Everything else is exactly what I would eat; I just ran out of room in my stomach so into theirs it goes. Just this morning I only ate 1/2 my banana and 1/2 my yogurt so yes; they are getting it for breakfast.

Especially in a world that is quickly shrinking; with places where food is scarce it truly is an awful thing to throw good food in the garbage. Let's say I cooked chicken, spinach, squash and rice for dinner. My eyes were bigger than my stomach; I though I was starving. Once halfway into dinner I realize I took too much food; no big deal. The dogs eat it for dinner.

I have a basic food that is prepared for my dogs; but! If one of us can't eat all the food we had on our plate I don't stress over it; the dogs get it. They eat as well as we do, I try to buy as much organic food as I can so what is good for us is just as good for our dogs.

There are foods that I don't give the dogs; the typical things like onion, chocolate, saucy dishes etc. But if it is  fresh homemade food with not a ton of butter or spices on it; their getting it for dinner.  What is that old saying that I've heard a zillion times?  Oh ya "my dogs don't eat table scraps."  Scraps has a bad association; the food that is left over that is not worth eating, the yucky stuff.  Well I agree with that; a dinner of cut offs is no food for a dog.  

I remember being out for dinner onetime; a very high end place. I ordered Lobster; very indulgent but a rare treat. I couldn't eat all of my lobster and there was no way I could see it go in the garbage. I ordered a doggie bag (a real doggie bag)  and brought it home for my very appreciative pups for dinner.

So the next time you are scrapping good food into the garbage; look at those eyes staring at you and think twice. Especially if it's meat; put it aside for your four legged kids for dinner.  

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  1. THANK YOU! I grew up that way. The dogs ate what we ate, or rather what we could not finish eating supplemented with kibble. My husband's family are fanatical about not feeding dogs people food which has created a rift and a lot of sneaking as I am the primary pet person in our household.


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